Monday, October 1, 2007

18 Lohan Vegetarian Delight (十八罗汉斋食馆 ) - CLOSED DOWN

Last night my family and I went to this place for dinner after reading the comments on veggie society. This food (煮炒) stall is located in one of the coffee shop in Bedok South. We ordered a total of 4 dishes and 1 soup at a cost of $30. Rice is at 50 Cents per plate. Hence the total cost was $32.50, which I thought was quite a good deal if you are in for an affordable meal. Most importantly, the food is served Hot.
Grade: 3/5

Out of the 4 dishes ordered, I would recommend the sambal kangkong ($5) and Claypot Tofu ($8) as the taste is above average. As for the sweet and sour fish, though claimed to be homemade, we felt that it was not worth the price as there was only at most a mere 10 small pieces of fish (which you may see in the picture, the fishes were not even visible!) at a cost of $7.

Other than that, the food is served quite fast and no service charged is required. I would recommend this place if you are staying in the east and in for a cheap deal. Of cos' this stall is much more expensive if you are comparing with the stall at Blk 515.

~Namecard from wingls from veggie society~

Location: Blk 18, Bedok South Road, #01-87

Tel: 6448 6428 Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm