Sunday, September 30, 2007

Johor Bahru - Ci Xun Yuen Vegetarian Cafe (慈薰园中西素食料理)

Over the weekend, My family and I went over to JB to attend a distant relative's wedding. As the wedding dinner was held at night, we went over early in the morning to do some shopping before heading to my favourite cafe in JB for lunch. This cafe is located near the Giant Supermarket at Taman Johor. It is also 5 minutes drive away from Jusco, one of my favourite shopping mall.

Fish and Chips RM17

This Fish and Chips is one of Must-Try as the Fish is home-made and the portion is enough for 2.

Grade: 5/5

Bibimbap RM8

Grade: 5/5

The Bibimbap is also one of the MUST TRY at this cafe. Though the taste is not as authentic as compared to the one at Green Pasture (which I have commented on earlier), this malaysian version tastes great as well. The rice is sweet instead of spicy.

Miso Soup Udon RM8

Grade: 4/5

We ordered the Miso Soup Udon for Ah ma as she was feeling heaty. The Udon Soup tastes Authentic and reminds me of the Udon Soup that Sunflower cafe (at Far East Plaza) used to sell. Though there are not much ingredients, the soup itself is worth the price already.

Seafood Soup Noodles RM8

Grade: 3.5/5

The soup tastes ok for this seafood soup noodle. There is also a generous serving of noodles where my cousin cannot finish the whole bowl too.

Fried Abalone Mushrooms & Mashed Potatoes RM4 each

Other than mains, we also order side dishes. The Fried Abalone Mushrooms is a MUST TRY as it tastes crispy. Also, the mash potatoes is very tasty as the cafe made their own sauce which is similar to what KFC is selling.

Overall, if you are a frequent traveller to Johor Bahru, I would highly recommend this cafe. However, the cons of it is that it is not located near the customs area and takes around 25 mins of driving to reach. If you are taking a cab from city square, it costs between RM15-20. Remember to Bargain with the driver!

Location: 28A&30A Jalan Rosmerah 3/2 Taman Johor Jaya 81100 Johor Bahru

Tel: 07-357 5862 / 357 5863

Notes: Depending on your luck, sometimes the cafe may close due to function. However, you may still proceed to the restaurant downstairs (as they are owned by the same owner) to order the normal chinese dishes. The salad prawns is great!