Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Very Nice Vegetarian Specialty Station (真好吃素食专卖站) - CLOSED


I guess the english name of the stall is a direct translation from the chinese one. Anyway, this is another stall located at the food centre along circuit road.
As the stall name suggests, the specialty from the stall is non other than Roti Prata.

Roti Prata
This is the egg version which ive always adore. Costs $1.20 per piece. Taste wise, the prata skin itself is cripsy on the outside, and its always recommended to eat it while its hot. Sadly, I was very disappointed with the curry. Could not finish the whole bowl of it, as there was too much tumeric powder in it. Still, if you are running out of food to eat, this is one choice available at circuit road. Note: Waiting time can be quite long, as there is only 1 seller tending the stall.

Prices: Without egg: $0.80; With Egg: $1.20; With cheese & Egg: $2.00

Other food options: Dry Mee

Location: Blk 79A Circuit Road

Monday, November 26, 2007

LivinGreens (本色)

Was there for dinner with gwennie last week. There are quite a number of choices available in the menu. I was very impressed with the attitude of the manager who served us, as he was asking how was the food etc, asking us to give them more ideas for improvement. These days, it is really important to always ask clients their opinions so that people will want to visit them again. Most importantly, parking was free behind the cafe! What I liked about this cafe is not only that the good service, but also, food is organic, and non of the dishes have garlic or onions in them, which can be a rare find in organic veg. cafes these days.

Sheperd's Pie

This is one of the dishes I liked. Most sheperd's pies sold outside are oily and fattening. However, not in this case. The top layer is not made of the normal flour which we use for baking. Instead, wheat flour is used. Ingredients is a minced mix of carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers cooked with special organic seasoning. There is no mock meats used in any of the dishes, which I feel is good, as sometimes too much mock items is not ideal for our body.
Sesame Sauce Buckwheat Noodles

This is a very healthy dish which I would recommend if you are in for a very light meal. The sesame paste has a strong aroma, making the noodles very fragrant. Also, there are well cooked pumpkin slices, allowing a sweet litte taste when eaten together with the noddles.

Mushroom Dumplings

Gweenie's favourite of the night. The dumplings skin is in purple colour as it was made from beetroot juice. Lots of mushrooms in this dumpling, making it chewy. There is only a little flaw that the ginger slices were not too finely chopped, if not, i guess we would even finish the ginger slices. heh.

Overall experience: The cafe is clean and service was really good. A pity that I was not able to note down the prices of each dish. However, most dishes are within $10, making it affordable. I was also informed that the cafe also sells daily specials like Nasi Lemak, Minced meat Noodles, all in the organic version. Glad to have more organic cafes like that opening up. Also, the cafe conducts vegetarian classes sometimes. Once in a while, we need to detox and I personally feel that going organic is one of the better ways.


*Picture taken from Livingreens website

325, Beach Road Singapore 199559

Tel: 6396 5523

Website: www.livingreens.com.sg

Nearest MRT: Lavendar

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat: 11AM to 8.30PM, Closed on Sundays.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Liwei Vegetarian Stall (笠维素食)

Though this stall is located in the HDB heartlands, it has still managed to gain popularity through word of mouth. It is not very near my place, however, I would always make it a point to drive my family there for dinner.

Hot Plate BBQ Fish with Rice ($6.50)

A pity that I only Remembered to take the picture after we have eaten 1/2 of the fish itself. There are basically 2 slices of mock fish used, with layers of the Sambal HOT chili in between the layers. The fish tastes just as nice and perfect with lime. This dish is really spicy, and is not suitable for people with weak gastric. Nonetheless, it is my all time favourite. Caution: Do not wear light coloured clothing when you want to order this dish, as it is served piping hot, and you would have chili practically jumping out of the hot plate.

Hotplate Tofu with Rice ($5.50)

This is basically mixed vegetables with Tofu cubes cooked in a special sauce. There is also egg in the bottom part of the vegetables. Hence, with so many ingredients in this, it is called "包罗万象" in Mandarin, meaning: Comprehensive.

Hot Plate Black Pepper Chicken with Rice ($5.50)

The Black Pepper Sauce tastes good, and bearable, not as spicy as BBQ Fish. Nonetheless, the chicken was slightly over-cooked, hence making it slightly harder to chew.

Fried Carrot Cake ($2.50)

This is a Must Order dish from the stall, as it tastes really authetic. The amount of pickled vegetable (chai po) used is just right, making it not too salty.

Overall, I like most of the foods sold from this stall. A pity that I am not able to feature the famous chicken rice (both roast and white) as they are usually sold out by dinner time.

Recommendations: Roast Chicken Rice, Duck Rice, Claypot Rice

Location: Blk 151 Serangoon North Ave 1 #01-41

Chang Jiang Coffee Shop

Tel: 9786 4741

Opening Hours: 8am - 8pm

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Xiang Guan Vegetarian Stall (香源素食) *Newly Reopened*

One of the stalls that i love to go is located at Circuit Road (Aljunid area). The hawker centre here is deemed as the heaven for vegetarians, as there are around 6 stalls selling vegetarian food of all varieties. Most importantly, prices are affordable at this place. We will always go to this place when we run out of ideas of places to eat.

Popiah $1.00; Chwee Kway $1.00; Chee Chong Fun $1.00

Had dinner with my parents that day and we ordered the traditional chinese kway. I've always like popiah (the non-fried version) and the auntie selling this gives a generous serving. The turnip is juicy and tastes perfect with the sweet sauce. Also, my dad loves the chwee kway. Though there is nothing special in the chwee kway, given the increase in prices of flour, the auntie still sells at 5 pieces for a dollar, hence it is still very much worth our support. Chee Chong Fun is soft and tastes fine with the sauce as well. Price is also at 2 pieces for a dollar.

One thing good about the hawker centre is most stalls sell till late in the night. Hence, if you are still craving of small bites after 10pm, this is the place to head for! However, do remember not to take supper every night, as it takes years for a tummy to dissolve!

Location: Blk 79A Circuit Road, #01-676

Opening Hours: 12PM - 1AM

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lucky Vegetarian Stall (鸿运素食)

Was around the UBI area wrapping the hundred over pressies for xmas when we finally decided to go for lunch. Thinking that since we are near the Lucky, might as well go to my favourite stall for Mee Rebus.

Mee Rebus $2

Before being a vegetarian, I've always like muslim food especially Mee Rebus and Nasi Lemak. Luckily, there are many places selling the vegetarian version. So far, I have tried from many places. This stall still sells the best. Though the Tau Kwa and Tau Pok is little, the noodles is A LOT. I felt that even if there is no ingredients, just the noodles and gravy is good enough. The gravy is also not too spicy, and there are a lot of potatoes used in it. Definitely worth your $2.

Mee Siam $2

Other than signature dish Mee Rebus, this stall serves good Mee Siam too. The gracy does not have a lot of Asam, hence it is not too sour. Ingredients wise, kind of little. However, its still considered worthwhile because the gravy is tasty and special.

Other Recommendations: Mee Goreng, Prawn Mee Soup

UBI Ave 1
Blk 305 Coffee Shop

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 7am - 7pm; Sat - Sun 7am -3pm

Sunday, November 18, 2007

NUS Engineering Canteen (国大学府工程系)

Last week i met Dr. Tay for lunch at the NUS Engineering Canteen. This is one of the cheapest places for working adults like us, as the food is very much cheaper than outside.

Kway Chap $1.50

Quite a fair amount for small eaters. Dr. Tay's Favourite. I tried the soup, it tastes authentic, and you can taste the strong aroma of tonics (e.g Tang Gui) used. Sadly there isnt any Tau Pok given. Nonetheless, at $1.50, what more can you ask for? The Chili is also not too sour and tastes just right for the soup. For big eaters, you may order the $2 serving.

Wanton Noodles $1.80

Normally my favourite is the Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup from this stall. However, I wanted to feature something different. Hence tried the Wanton noodles. Serving is just right for a lady, and the amount of noodles is a lot. However, being a picky eater, I did not really like the way the noodles was cooked, as it wasnt Q enough, and some of the noodles stuck together, making it not so nice. Nonetheless, the wanton is not too bad.

Other than these specialties, there is also mixed vegetables rice, where there are approximately 20 dishes available for you to choose from.

Other recomendations: Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup, Claypot Rice/Noodles

If you are working in the science park area, there are free buses going in NUS.

Location: NUS Engineering Canteen (Alight at Central Library Busstop)

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 8AM - 7PM, Sat till 3PM

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Taiwan, KaoShiung - Shanghai Vegetarian Restaurant (上海素菜餐厅)

Was in Taiwan (KaoShiung) last week for the AVCIII. Nonetheless, we were brought to a restaurant which I would highly recommend if you are planning for a trip to KaoShiung or PingTung. This is non-other than the Shanghai Vegetarian Restaurant (上海素菜餐厅). Im not able to find out the prices of the dishes, but in Taiwan, most food (e.g a bowl of dumplings is around 30-40 NT), equivalent to SGD1.50 - 2.00.

We had a good, sumptuous 12 course lunch which we almost could not finish!
Great pictures to share:

Other than the banquet, the restaurant serves european-styled buffet as well as shabu shabu hotpot.

Location: No. 128 Jiu Ru Road, Kao Shiung District Tel: (07)-3232745-7


Simple Food Vegetarian (原味素食)

The owner of this cafe used to operate at 木船..however, they have since moved and relocated in Tampines. News: thanks to Lina for informing us that Simple Food has got a new outlet at downtown east. thats really great news for vegetarians!
Unique Dish: Mexican Steak

Mexican Steak (墨西哥牛扒) $6.50
I had a craving for this steak before my trip to Taiwan. Hence my parents were very kind to bring me there for a last meal. The steak tastes really good. On the top part is a layer of melted mozzarella cheese, with a spead of home-mixed bolognaise sauce in the middle, making it very unique. The serving is just right. However, if you are a big eater, you may order another plate of pasta.
Other recommendations: Curry Rendang Baked rice, Shabu Shabu pot, Mutton Soup Noodles (only available on certain days), Adegashi Tofu.
*Catering Provided
1. Blk 462, Tampines Street 44 #01-64, S520462 (opposite Tampines JC)
Tel: 67826142
2. Downtown East, located beside Prima Deli. Opening Hours: Till 8+PM

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rice House (粥大王)

This is one of the better cafes I would recommend for soups.

Salted Duck Soup with Rice (素咸菜鸭汤)$3.00

Everytime loonie tart has craving for soups, she would think of the salted duck soup from Rice House. The soup is delicious and the "duck" used is made from mushroom stem, making it unique. Most soups sold elsewhere usually use mock meats and there is no unique selling point as compared to Rice House. Nonetheless, the duck soup has a lot of ingredients in this small pot which makes it worth the money.

Meat Congee (素肉e粥) $3.00

The chinese name of the cafe suggests "congee king", meaning it must be one of the signature dishes which cannot be missed. True to its name, the congee is cooked till its soft and melts in your mouth. The meat used also tastes similar to the real version. I personally feel that the ingredients provided is not as much as it ought to be, as $3 does seems a little expensive for such a big bowl of congee, with litte ingredients. Other than this little flaw, this bowl of meat congee is still worth your support!

Side dishes recommendation: Lobster Roll (龙虾卷), Salted Chicken Chunks (盐酥鸡) @ $3.00/plate

Lobster Roll $3.00

At 60cents per piece, I personally find it worth the price, as this is the first time we are eating this "lobster roll". Tastes like real meat. If you are someone who is not so into mock meats, you may skip this dish. Nonetheless, there isnt anywhere else selling this dish at the moment. Do try it if you have the chance. GREAT!

Location: Blk 129 #01-102 Geylang East Ave 2, Singapore 380129
Tel: 67473739 (near Fu Hai Can Si temple)

Nearest MRT: Aljunid

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mai Zhi Su Vegetarian Food (麦之素)

Just got back from Asian Vegetarian Congress III, really enriching and great experience. Anyway, apologies for the late updates. Many thanks to Clare for her input as well, as she has helped me took quite a lot of pictures for the shops/cafes she frequents.

Here's Mai Zhi Su ~
Ba Chor Noodles (素肉燥面) $3.00

Signature dish from the shop, this Ba Chor (Minced Meat) Noodles is a must try. Everything is homemade, hence you will not be able to get it elsewhere.

Chicken Chop Noodles (素鸡排面) $3.80

Chicken Chop is large and crispy, and it tastes perfect with the noodles. My bro-in-law's favourite dish!


1. Blk 128 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 St 12#01-1853

Tel: 64563307

2. Blk 376 Bukit Batok St 31 #01-126

Opening Hours: Tues to Sun & Public Holidays (7am to 9pm), Closed on Mondays.