Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rice House (粥大王)

This is one of the better cafes I would recommend for soups.

Salted Duck Soup with Rice (素咸菜鸭汤)$3.00

Everytime loonie tart has craving for soups, she would think of the salted duck soup from Rice House. The soup is delicious and the "duck" used is made from mushroom stem, making it unique. Most soups sold elsewhere usually use mock meats and there is no unique selling point as compared to Rice House. Nonetheless, the duck soup has a lot of ingredients in this small pot which makes it worth the money.

Meat Congee (素肉e粥) $3.00

The chinese name of the cafe suggests "congee king", meaning it must be one of the signature dishes which cannot be missed. True to its name, the congee is cooked till its soft and melts in your mouth. The meat used also tastes similar to the real version. I personally feel that the ingredients provided is not as much as it ought to be, as $3 does seems a little expensive for such a big bowl of congee, with litte ingredients. Other than this little flaw, this bowl of meat congee is still worth your support!

Side dishes recommendation: Lobster Roll (龙虾卷), Salted Chicken Chunks (盐酥鸡) @ $3.00/plate

Lobster Roll $3.00

At 60cents per piece, I personally find it worth the price, as this is the first time we are eating this "lobster roll". Tastes like real meat. If you are someone who is not so into mock meats, you may skip this dish. Nonetheless, there isnt anywhere else selling this dish at the moment. Do try it if you have the chance. GREAT!

Location: Blk 129 #01-102 Geylang East Ave 2, Singapore 380129
Tel: 67473739 (near Fu Hai Can Si temple)

Nearest MRT: Aljunid