Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Herbivore @ Fortune Centre Bugis

Hello all peeps, wishing all a really happy Xmas and Happy New Year 2012 in a couple of days time.

Alright, miss veg has been missing, yes.. because miss veg is really bz. And thank you some of you for helping each other on my chatterbox.. miss veg totally appreciate it!

If you are keen to help miss veg blog, miss veg is more than happy! heee! For those who had emailed me, no worries, i have kept in view of that..

Herbivore has been around for ages, i know, and yes, i've been there twice but haven't blogged it!

So here you go.. here's Herbivore for you.

Herbivore is opened by the owner of Zen Vegetarian, which I hear is moving away from Midlink Plaza soon, but to where, is still unknown. I've left my contact on the contact book which the waitress was passing around, so am waiting for them to let me know.

Anyway, what a great name it has! Herbivore! I've known about the real meat place carnivore and was thinking if anyone would open a place for us.

Herbivore is strategically located in the vegetarian heaven which Ive mentioned before.. Fortune Centre, where to date, I think there are close to 7-8 cafes within this building alone. In addition, Gokul has also jump onto the banwagon and opened a small cafe here.

Taking over the previous cafe Luo Han Veg, is Herbivore, which is by far one of the bigger outlet.

The Menu

Seriously I was quite taken aback when I was given this menu. It was really in a bad torn and tattered shape. I do hope they will change the menu soon.

The same open-kitchen concept as Zen.. Clean tables and neatly furnished place. Herbivore offers quite a range of Japanses/Western cuisine, so they do have similar food items that is available from Zen.

Black Pepper Steak Set $16+++

I do not recall the exact price, but this set that comes with Soup/bread costs close to $20 after tax.

Nothing really special about the mushroom soup.. Just normal and up the standard. Not suitable for vegans though.

Close up of the tomato spagetti. Pretty well done.

I would have expected the "meat" patties to be made by the chefs, but was a little disappointed when its the normal patty we can find from most veg suppliers. In addition, the meat was a little overcooked that tasted too chewy/hard.
Though the presentation for the western "meaty" set is good, I find the food so-so, and not exactly worth my $20 of spending. If you are a big eater, this serving is not enough to fill.

Side - Fish Rings $7+
One of the sides that I like also available from Zen is this Fish Rings. Really Yummy. I think we can get this from the veg suppliers and deep fry on our own as well.

Cream Rice $10+

One of the better dishes from Herbivore is this Cream rice, that is served with Cream, Cheese, Mushrooms, Hams and rice. Tasty though fattening.

Aglio Olio $10+

I guess this is the only dish i personally liked. The spagetti was really well done and simple. Tasty and spicy too.

Overall, Herbivore may not be your everyday choice due to its price, it is still not too bad a place to consider once a while for your gatherings/celebrations. The service staff were friendly too.

Location: Level 1-13/14, Fortune Centre , 190 Middle Road

Tel: 63331612

Opening hours: 10am- 11pm daily

Monday, October 31, 2011

Waterdrop Teahouse (滴水坊) @ Punggol

My apologies to my readers as my blog is almost "dead" of late! Reason being i've been really busy and even though I've tried to move on to Facebook page, I find that the personal touch is still very much on this blog.
3 years since I've started blogging and I really am very grateful to those who have walk through these years with me! Thank you so much.
So here's a new place, or rather been around for quite some time, but it was my very first trip to this place - waterdrop teahouse.
The teahouse is located in the Fo Guang Shan building (which is also known as the Buddhist Light Association Singapore) at Punggol.
I was immediately attracted to the tranquil setting of the place the moment i step out of the lift.
Though it wasn't a big space to begin with, the stone-made chairs/tables and the spacing as well as the quietness of this place won me over.

You can opt to choose to sit outside and enjoy a little sun with chinese tea or inside the cafe itself.

Inside the cafe, spacious~

So back to the food... I couldn't say much about food as there wasn't much choices. I guess most of their patrons go there for tea sessions. They do serve a couple of good snacks and decent noodles/rice meals.


As mentioned, nothing much about the menu. I guess there is only 1 thing which I would highly recommend and definitely be back to return for is for the "Crispy Ginger".

Crispy Ginger $5

I never am a fan of ginger and most of the time I'll tend to remove the ginger slices in the dishes before eating. However, this is the very first time i've tried such a yummy dish - a PURE ginger dish. Though it is not cheap, it definitely is worth your $5. I couldnt exactly detect what actually made out of the unique taste, but this ginger wasn't spicy at all. It has a combined taste of sweetness, caramel and the ginger slices were chewy, which can be treated as a snack itself. I guess this dish captured everyone's tastebuds as almost all the patrons would order this as a side.

Minced Mushroom Rice $4

This rice set comes with a soup. The minced meat with mushrooms tasted good with rice. I find it healthy to eat with brown rice too.

Claypot Noodles Soup $4

This was supposed to be the dish of the day. I was a little disappointed as I would have expected this be served in a claypot, but it was served from a bowl instead. Taste wise, soup was made from the "Sha Cha" sauce, so I would think that nothing could possibly go wrong, just a tad oily though. The mushroom balls were okay.

We actually ordered another dish which is called the ngoh hiang but it was actually a mock meat item which is readily available at the vegetarian supplier stall, hence I didn't take any picture of it.

All in all, the ambience of this place won me over. It is a good place for relaxation and catch up or to spend your lazy afternoon at. I would definitely be back some day for their collection of chinese tea and ginger slices again!


1 Punggol Place Singapore 828844
Tel: (65) 6411 0590

Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm

CLOSED on Mondays

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fried Rice Paradise @ Supermarkets

I would like to thank Yen Sin, Sunny, Mrs Toh and Sam to still very much supporting me on my blog by leaving me comments...thanks really! I feel very happy to still be of service :) If you have noticed, I set up a facebook page (all about veggie) which I update slightly more regular than this blog (opps)!
This blog is not "dead" really! I do know of new setups, but well, am too busy to visit them :(
Ok back to today's post. Fried Rice Paradise? Clare sis was telling me that this was reporting on the news that there's this taiwanese company testing out local market for their ready to eat meals - Fried Rice!
I didn't know until my trip to the nearest supermarket near my place someday - Sheng Shiong Supermarket and wow i was captivated by this packaging immediately. Though i'm not a superfan of fried rice, I felt the need to buy and try them immediately!

$2.80 Each

There are 3 main flavours - Vegetarian Mushroom Fried Rice, Curry Chicken Fried Rice and Spicy Chicken Fried Rice!

Spicy Chicken Fried Rice

So one fine evening since I had no home-cooked dinner, I decided to make my microwave work! So 3 mins later - ta da! I get this really "good" looking fried rice. As the chinese words say: "辣子鸡丁" I would have expected this to be very "spicy" since its spicy chicken. Luckily, it wasn't! Like the normal fried rice that you get outside, the ingredients are quite sufficient - mixed beans, mushrooms and veg chicken chunks. As for how it tasted, if you have eaten instant noodles, this is instant rice for you. Do not expect too much, but it does makes you full for a meal. One thing is I wasn't too used to fried rice without eggs, yet this tasted okay, especially the chicken chunks. A little thing that I wasn't too satisfied was that there was a tad too much oil at the bottom of the box so I could not finish the last few bites, I guess you will need to stir a little before heating up.

I do hope the supermarket continue carrying these products since its suitable for vegans too!

Locations: Sheng Shiong Supermarkets

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ming Hoe Vegetarian @ Paya Lebar (明和素食)

Although working in Paya Lebar is a good location for me, I always find it difficult to find vegetarian food. There used to be a vegetarian stall operating at the basement of SingPost builing but it has also closed down. Recently I've been patronising one of the stalls located in a rather run-down coffeeshop thats located right behind Singpost. It is around 6 mins walking time from the Train Station.
Operated by mother and son team, this stall is a good recommendation that never fail to make my day.

The vegetarian stall is located in a coffeeshop named "大宾茶室" (Da Bin Eating House) and the main customers are workers or technicians working at the nearby workshops. At such, the prices of food isnt too expensive and portions are big.

Mixed Vegetables Rice $2.30/ 3 dishes

I must always ask for lesser rice as the portion is big. Its been a long while since I had a 3 dishes mixed vegetables rice for just $2.30. They do have around 10 dishes for you to choose during lunch. Other than the Curry Rice @ Bedok, this is one of the few stalls that sells cheaply. In addition, what I truely enjoy is the free soups! There are different soups served everyday, which I think is depending on the vegetables they have. Sometimes they will cook bittergourd soup, cabbage soup or raddish soup.

Other than mixed vegetables rice, on some days, they will serve specialities like Kway Chap, Laksa. One catch is, you gotta be early for the mixed vegetables rice as they are usually sold out by 1PM. Nonetheless, you may order Tze Char dishes if you do not want to eat mixed vegetables rice too.

Fried Noodles $3

All tze char dishes are priced at $3. I love this dish as it wasn't too oily yet tasty at the same time. The cook uses a lot of vegetables and beansprouts in this dish. They will usually ask if you take eggs. If you don't you will have to inform them.

The best tze char dish is actually their Fried Rice, where usually there would be a queue for it. The fried rice is served with a sunny side up. There are other tze char dishes like Hor Fun, Fried Kway Tiao or Bee hoon soups which you may order. Do note that it may take some time to wait for your tze char if the queue is long since each dish is cooked separately. I hear that chicken rice is served on Saturdays.

Location: Eunos Road 5, Eunos Industrial Da Bin Eating House

Operating Hours: 7am - 2PM

Closed on Sundays

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

VeganBurg Revisited @ Eunos

Hey all, I do understand that the lack of posts has lead to the loss of some readers of my blog. My Sincere apologies, and of cos, thanks for the support and reminder from my sister, Sunnietart. I know there is a VITAL need to Feed this blog of mine. Im currently considering of moving on to a Facebook page which is definitely easier to manage with pictures upload. But meanwhile, let me stick on to Blogger first before I explore further. I would be glad if any of you is keen to help me (Note: im not able to pay though.)
Im not sure how many of you are new readers, but once again, thanks. If you have been a vegetarian long enough in Singapore, you would have heard and perhaps even visited VeganBurg at least once in your lifetime. Within a short span of 6 months, veganburg has definitely gained international fame (I was told that Veganburg was featured in some guidebook as the top 10 MUST eat vegetarian fast food in the whole world.*WOW*)
I was there on the very first day of opening and here is a post which I've done after my first visit. The service provided was really good, up to the point that the owner recognised me, even up till now. So this is once again VeganBurg revisited on my 4th visit.
They did not have any Sides on their first day yet as these were launched much later. What surpised me and something which I will never fail to order when Im there - The Vegan Franks.

Vegan Franks $3.80

These nutritious and filling mini tofu sausages deliver with a delicious flavour that hit me right on the spot when I first tasted. Yes, trust me, it is that good. But well, if you ain't receptive of vegetarian mock meats, then sadly you would miss this. I Like it that it is chewy and tasty at the same time.

Burger Set - Cracked Pepper Mayo

Smaller portion compared to the first time I went. The fries is still as good with the tinge of seaweed taste. I think this serving is just right for most people and managable.

Though I may not be a mega fan of fast food, it is good news that they can go this far, with the good streams of advertising and proving that vegetarian food isn't just for the Sick and Old. And Surprise Surprise, many young teenagers do go here for meals instead of Mac Donalds. Thanks youngsters and do spread the importance of vegetarianism!

1. 44 Jalan Eunos Singapore 419502
Tel: 68446868
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm, daily

2. 50 Market Street #01-28D Golden Shoe Carpark Singapore 048940
Opening Hrs: Mon-Fri 11am - 8.30PM
Sat & Eve of Public Hols: 11am - 2.30PM
Closed on Sundays/Public Holidays
3. MBFC - 12 Marina Boulevard #02-05
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
Singapore 018981
Mon – Fri: 10:30am – 9:30pm (last order 9pm)
Sat: 10:30am – 2:30pm (last order 2pm)
5:30pm – 9:30pm open for private bookings
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Open for private bookings.
Phone: 6604 6018
Fax: 6604 6017

Email: order@veganburg.com

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quan Xin Vegetarian Food @ Bedok Blk 538

Have I mentioned that I feel really blessed to be staying in Bedok? The one good thing about staying around my area is that the are indeed quite a number of places to eat right at my doorstep. After a 9 months renovation, the newly open market cum hawker centre now offers 3 vegetarian stalls that I get to choose from for my daily breakfast fix. In all, there are 5 vegetarian stalls within walking distance from where Im staying. I truely am blessed.

Talking about this stall, it was originally operating in Tampines and the owners decided to shift here due to the increase in Rental. The stall owners has more than 15 years of experience in this line.

Store Front

One thing is the stall only sells Wanton Noodles, Lor Mee and the usual economical fare (ie: Fried Bee Hoon, Kway Tiao, Mee)

Lor Mee $2.50

I've always adore lor mee, and not many places serve very good ones. This is not too bad as the soup is really tasty, yet not too much MSG. The only thing is that The ingredients aint a lot for this price.

Wanton Mee $2.50

Gwennie prefers this when they were operating in Tampines. I couldnt make out any difference, as i find this standard aint too bad. Sadly the wantons wasnt as tasty as I would have expected. I feel the noodles are chewy enough though. Other than this stall, there is another 2 stalls, one also selling the econimical fare as well as Kway Chap and Minced Meat Noodles. Another Stall sells what I've always love - vegetarian fried carrot cake. Really worth the try if you have been craving for it. Location: Blk 538 Market Bedok North Street 3 Opening Hrs: 7am till 1PM Usually Closed on Mondays.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hong Kong - Veggie SF Cafe

This is for my HK readers. Thanks for your support! Dear SG readers, do note that other than requests to write on local places, I've always got queries for overseas places too! So All about veggie does aim to provide more information whenever I travel. :)
In most forums/websites that I browsed, VeggieSF is listed as one of top five (Must-Visit). So I made it a point to visit them in Jan.
Opened by Paul & Bess, this cafe is located right in the heart of Central (Zhong Huan) in a building on Stanley Street. This place is well-liked by the yuppies.

I felt like I've travelled to San Francisco in the 50s the moment I stepped into the restaurant. I was really thrilled to see all the interesting decorations that I believe are brought from US.

Really like the Betty Boop & the Vintage Luggage!


One thing thats special about the Menu is that the Mains changes every week, while the sides are usually available. So I guess at the point of writing, you may not be having the same dishes I had. I find this notion really good since it makes people want to go more often! I was told that the Burger & Lagsana is a must try! So 3 of us had 2 meals and 2 sides.

I am Fabulous! HKD 98

We ordered this burger meal whereby the patty is made from organic beetroot. The meal also comes with potato/pumpkin wedges and salad. I find this a healthy option for people who are not into mock meats.

Union Square HKD 98

This lagsana comprises of Mixed vegetables baked over layers of flour and cheese that is tastefully spread with their homemade pesto sauce. Interesting and tasty. If you are a vegan, do note that Cheese can be omitted upon request.

Curry Veggie Balls HKD 28

If you have just turned vegetarian and has always loved fishballs, this is one of the better fishballs I've ever had. I was not able to find fishball of this texture and taste in SG, but well, at VeggieSF, you would be able to try it. When I was visiting my sister in Macau, we were able to get this from the vegetarian supplier as well.

Satay HKD 28

Its a interesting display, but perhaps the most expensive satay I had to date. I find the taste okay. As this cafe has not only attracted tourists, it is really popular with the working crowds as well. My sister was lucky to have lunch here again for another 2 days since her colleagues called a week in advance to reserve seats. So here's the rest of the meals:

Japan Town HKD 88

A beautiful color display of japanese styled fried rice topped with Mayo and Seaweed.

Sawadeeka HKD 88

Fragrant Coconut Glutinous Rice Served with Thai Grilled Veggie skewers.

Wintermelon Soup

Interesting as my sister thought that wintermelon is supposed to be chinese styled but it was more like a western soup.

For any meals, all you need to do is to add another 48 bucks for a soup or dessert and drink.

If you are a vegetarian intending to travel to HK or staying in HK, this is a place not to miss.

Location: 10/F Stanley 11, No. 11 Stanley Street, Central Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3902 3902

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12Noon - 2.30PM; 6 - 9PM, Closed on Sundays

Website: http://www.veggiesf.com/

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yuan Xiang @ Changi Branch

Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Hei Fatt Choy to everyone of you! Havn't been blogging of late as I seldom dine out these days. I do have a lot of backlog of overseas places which I've tried, and will update them soon.
Speaking of which, if you have been patronising the Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Tze Char stall @ Bugis for the longest time, please note that they have moved out of Bugis has relocated to Bedok Blk 216 Market.
From the original 3 outlets, there are only 2 Yuan Xiang Outlets left now. I went to the Changi Restaurant for dinner a couple of days back and recently they have launched Dim Sum value meal at this restaurant. (Do note that Dim Sum is only available @ Changi).
Decided to try out with my family since I thought that its quite worth.

$30 NETT for 4/5 Pax OR $50 NETT for 7/8 Pax

I was approached by one of the managers to sign up as a member ($2) so that we could be offered this dim sum deal. I thought this is really good, as there isnt much places that serve dim sum in SG other than Lingzhi and Lotus vegetarian. In addition, by signing up as a member, you get to redeem another plate of dim sum free. For the dim sum deal, it is a set of 12 dim sum for 4/5 pax. So per person only costs around $6. Do note that you are supposed to purchase the "coupon" beforehand. I took up the $30 deal and paid up front. In addition, reservations for this meal is required beforehand.

Perhaps this was the first time they are having this promo, I personally find the staffs do not know how to handle, and I did not totally enjoy my meal. If you are there just for the normal tze char dishes, the standard is still okay. However, this dim sum experience wasn't entirely pleasant as my family waited for more than 45 mins for our first dim sum served.

The 12 dim sum dishes was supposed to comprise of Golden Bun with BBQ Meat, Fruits with Yam Ring, Pork Ribs with Special Sauce, Herbal Chicken, Lotus Rice, Golden Prawn, Pineapple Roll, Bean Meat with Special Sauce, Carrot Cake, Fried Dumpling, Cha Siew Bun and Siew Mai. I had expected these to be served initially but little to my surprise, not only did I not get the Lotus Rice, Yam Ring, Pork ribs, and Pineapple Roll, I was served with a total of 7 Deep Fried dishes out of 12, this came as a shock as I would not want to recommend to people who are health enthusiasts! The ladyboss came to apologise when she overheard my complaint of the steamed lotus rice being replaced to fried rice instead. In addition, the Yam Ring was replaced with Yam Balls, Pineapple Roll replaced by Banana bread roll that was dipped in oil. Sadly, the above 6 dishes did not meet the usual standard of Yuan Xiang that I would have expected.

The only 6 items which I think was passable are these 6. The steam dumpling, which was a replacement of the pork ribs, was filled with lots of ingredients. The Char Siew Bun was okay as well. As for the Siew Mai, it wasn't homemade by them, but brought from the vegetarian supplier. The only recommended dishes are the Prawn Dumpling as well as Carrot Cake, which still makes the mark to date.

At this point of writing, im still downing my XXth cup of tea hoping to wash off some of the oil in my body. Recommended if you are a big lover of deep fried foods and do not mind mock meats. If not, just stick to the usual tze char dishes if you do patronise them. The carrot cake and prawn dumpling is still available in the normal menu as well. Hence you may add this to your tze char. For me, I guess improvement is Vital if they want this dim sum promotion to last till the end of the year.

Location: 134, Changi Road (Near to Eunos MRT), Singapore 419720

Operating Hours: 11am till 9pm

Tel: 98786705/ 94569079

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hong Kong - World Peace Cafe @ Wan Chai *CLOSED DOWN*

A pity i heard this cafe closed down. If you have more info, do let me know!
I've always wondered why many people told me its difficult to find vegetarian places in Hong Kong. In fact, I personally find Hong Kong has many more restaurants than Singapore.
Many Years back my sis gave me this Vegetarians Eateries Link (http://www.vegsochk.org/shops/vegilist.htm) and it has always been a "Manual" which I've referred to whenever I have the chance to visit HK. I think this website is perfectly well-maintained, and it includes all the places that you can go to according to the MTR station.
Do note that some places may not be updated as I found 1 cafe closed down. However, most of the restaurants are still around. The only thing is that this whole list is in Mandarin. Do let me know if you need the information in English, I can TRY to translate them for you.
About World Peace cafe, I must thank my bestie for firstly checking it out and bringing me there to eat.
World Peace is a cafe that serves organic vegetarian food, organic coffees, fruit juices and herbal teas.
Opened in 2005 by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, this cafe aims to create an oasis amist the hustle and bustle life in HK. The aim of is to offer people a place to unwind and enjoy healthy food in a relaxing setting. You can also shop for books and health food there.

Inside the cafe, there is a carving of "天下太平" on the wall, which means World Peace, the altimate aim and wish of many people I guess.
Set Lunch HKD 88

The lunch set menu price ranges from HKD 68 to 128. Franny and I took the HKD 88 meal which comprises of a starter, a main and a drink. Do note that the conversion rate is approximately 1SGD: 5.8HKD at the moment. May not be cheap, but well, the living standards in Hong Kong is high, hence do note that you would not be able to find a $2 mixed vegetables rice there.
For our main, we both chose the baked potato with salad, which is a healthy and sweet mix. The potato is well baked. Do note that all food served is organic with minimal taste so people who do have a strong taste bud, you will find organic food a little bland or even tasteless, but well, its good for a change at times, for a healthier body!

I chose the tomato spaghetti while franny took the pumpkin curry rice. The spaghetti was really fine but it isnt the usual angel's hair that i knew, so im not too sure what is this type of noodle. The serving was really big and I almost couldnt finish the entire plate. Sauce wise, rather authentic but sadly not much ingredients.
As for the curry rice, it wasn't spicy and tasted okay. Ingredients comprise of Tofu, carrots and Cucumbers.

Lastly a drink that makes us refreshed!
Its a healthy meal which did not have any fried, any mock meat involved. If you are an avid health enthusiast or looking for some peace, this is quite a nice place to chill. There is even a medication centre. The good news is World Peace cafe is opening an outlet right on our shores! The boss has confirmed with me that they would be opening an outlet in Chinatown. I will keep all of you updated then.
Location: 21-23 Tai Wong Street East Wanchai HK Tel: 2527-5870 Website: http://www.worldpeacecafe.hk/ Opening Hours: Lunch (12 to 2.30); Dinner (6.30 to 9.30) , Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Monday, January 10, 2011

Recipes - Shared in VegVibe *Xmas Creations*

Happy 2011 to everyone! I'm totally happy to have met some of you and even recevived wonder email informations on the new places opening, shifting etc. Thank you so much! Though we are all doing this for free, Im sure we are all happy to share such information since its an avenue for us. For contributors who have helped in my blog, thanks once again, and keep your writings coming, I will arrange for them to be up as and whenever possible.
So for the start of the year, i'll like to share some recipes.
Its was my pleasure to be able to share some recipes in VegVibe (Nov/Dec Copy), the one and Only FREE Vegetarain magazine in SG.
Here are the pages that had my recipes:

It was for the Xmas Season, but I personally like these dishes whole year round, so do try it if you can!

Munchy Tofu Balls (Jingle Bells) *Makes 15 balls*
2 Small Firm Bean curd
3 Water Chestnut (Finely Chopped)
3 White Button Mushrooms (Finely Chopped)
1 teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Pepper
1 teaspoon Italian herbs
½ tablespoon Soya Sauce
½ tablespoon Sesame Oil
1 tablespoon Self Raising Flour

1. In a bowl, mesh bean curd and mix all ingredients in evenly except self raising flour.
2. Once all ingredients are mixed, fold in the self raising flour.
3. Mould mixtures into balls and deep fry.

Wasabi Salad Sauce
10g wasabi (Add more if you like it more spicy)
20g Vegan Mayonnaise

In a mixing bowl, mix both sauces together till smooth. Ready to Serve

Minestrone Soup (Santa Stew) *For 2 Servings*
4 Cups Water
4 Cups Diced Tomatoes Or Tomato Puree
10g Carrots (Finely diced)
1 stalk Celery (Finely Diced)
½ tablespoons mixed herbs (Oregano, rosemary, basil)
3 White Button Mushrooms (Finely Diced)
10g Capsicums (Finely Diced)
10g Cabbage (Shredded)
20g Macaroni Pasta
½ teaspoon Salt
½ teaspoon Pepper
½ tablespoon Vegan margarine

1. In a pot, combine all ingredients except the pasta and margarine. Simmer over low heat till all vegetables are tender.
2. Add in the Pasta and cook until pasta is soft. Add in Margarine and stir till it melts.
3. Ready to Serve.

Herbs Mushrooms Tortillas (Wrapped Present) *1 Serving*
1 Tortilla Wrap
2 Lettuce *or any vegetables of your choice*
¼ Carrot (Shredded)
¼ Capsicum (Sliced)
1 tablespoon Tomato Puree
1 tablespoon wasabi mayo sauce

3 White Button Mushrooms (Sliced)

Mushroom Seasoning
1 tablespoon Vegan Margarine
1 tablespoon Vegan Mayonnaise
½ teaspoon Italian herbs
1 Pinch of Salt
½ teaspoon Black Pepper

1. In a medium heat pan, melt vegan margarine. Add in mushrooms and stir fry till fragrant.
2. Add in rest of seasoning except Mayonnaise. Lift mushrooms from the pan into a mixing bowl.
3. Add in mayonnaise and spread evenly. Cool for later use.
4. Warm wrap slightly in a microwave oven for 30 seconds
5. On the preparation table, lay the slightly warmed wrap. Spread tomato puree evenly as a base sauce.
6. Add on lettuce, and Carrots with a spread of Wasabi Mayo on the vegetables.
7. Lay capsicum and mushrooms on top.
8. Roll up the prepared wrap and cup into half. Ready to Serve

Soy Almond Jelly with Avocado Puree *For 3 Servings*

30g Soymilk Powder
360ml Water
90ml Almond Syrup
½ tablespoon Agar Agar powder
3 tablespoon Sugar

Avocado Puree
½ Avocado (Sliced)
30ml Almond Syrup
30ml Water
1 tablespoon Sugar

1. In a blender, blend all ingredients for Avocado Puree together. Add a little more water if its too thick. Refrigerate for later use.
2. Add Soymilk Powder with 90ML of water and stir well till it completely dissolves. Set aside.
3. Dissolve Agar Agar Powder in 270ML of water. Add in Almond Syrup and Sugar and stir.
4. Slowly Add in Soymilk Mixture. Stir constantly and simmer over low heat for another 2 minutes.
5. Using a sieve, pour mixture into a mould and set aside to cool.
6. Refrigerate for 1 hour
7. On a serving plate, spread avocado puree evenly. Place the Jelly on the puree and its ready to serve. *May add fruits to it as well*