Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kwan Yin Zai Vegetarian @ Geylang

This stall has been in operation for the past 2 decades if i remember clearly. It is one of the best places for its cheap and good Laksa.
Went there one evening when sunnietart had a sudden craving.

Laksa $2

A really huge portion with lots of Tau Pok that is submerged in the sauce for hours, making it really juicy. The laksa gravy tastes just right, not too spicy with a strong aroma of coconut milk. There was even a discussion in the VSS forum that it is best to eat this in the afternoon when the gravy is freshly cooked, also it depends on your luck on that day too, as the laksa standard doesn't stay the same everyday. It is a pity that after so many years in operation and numerous changes in chefs, the standard of food here has dropped drastically. Well, for this price, I guess we couldn't complain much either.

Wantion/Springroll 2 for $1
I've always like trying springrolls and wanton outside as it is good to explore what is wrapped inside the skin. This wanton is wrapped with a mixture of veg meat, mushrooms and tofu, making it chewy and the springroll comprises of just turnip and carrots, quite normal. If you want really good wanton, Loving Hut and North South East West vege cafe ones are worth trying.
Other than laksa, there is one other stall selling mixed vegetable rice, and another selling yong tau foo. Many choices in one coffeeshop alone, so you wont be bored of the choices too!
Block 134, Geylang East Ave 1
Singapore 381134
Opening Hours: till 11PM
Tel : 6745 5702

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sheng Wei Xuan Vegetarian Food (圣味轩素食) *MOVED*

Thanks to KH's info. This stall has relocated.
Thanks to miumiu's contribution. In fact I do dine at this place often since I stay near this stall, however I've always forgotten to take down information/pictures. Thanks to miumiu for letting us know the replacement for Ji Lin since the previous owner's had retired.
Anyway, this stall serves quite a variety of set meals and tze char as well.

Chicken Rice (素香饭) $2.50

Their chicken rice is a must try! The rice is fragrant and personally, I like their mock meat and the fried tofu as they taste well with the rice, hence it’s my favorite order. Note that the chilli is quite spicy and the soup is abit bland for my taste.

Kway Chap $2.50

As for the Kway Chap, the taste is average and nothing special about it.

The previous time I patronage them, I tried their handmade Mee Hoon Kway but didn’t manage to take a picture for it. It’s worth trying as there’s hardly vegetarian stall in Singapore which gets to sell this dish.

This stall also sells many other dishes like nasi briyani, hong kong noodles, vegetarian rojak, tohu goreng, tze char etc…

Location: Blk 1010, Kim Chuan Lane, beside the Tai Seng Industrial Area

Opening Hours: unknown

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yuan Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (缘缘素食斋)

Sawadeeka~ I'm still very much in love in Thai food ever since my trip to BKK in Feb and I am truely glad that we have a new Thai Tze Char stall opened right here in our homeland. This stall, as mentioned in the vegetarian society, is operated by a Thai local and the food on the menu reminds me of the happy days I have in BKK. So now that we have one here, I can stop going to BKK for a while. I sincerely hope to create more awareness on this so that the stall can sustain its business. Thanks to gwennie once again for accompanying me to try out! I even brought the menu home. See below for the scanned version.
The dishes available reminds of Kwan Imm JAE Vegetarian restaurant which I have posted earlier in BKK. In my personal opinion, one of the best ways to see if the chef is up to the mark is to order the common dish such as Tom Yum Soup and Pad Thai. True enough, these did not disappoint.

Tom Yum Soup $6

It is definitely authentic and brings me great satisfaction. In Thai, Tom Yum Koong actually refers to Hot and Sour Prawn soup. In the vegetarian version, they have included straw mushrooms, shumeiji mushrooms as well as some mock prawns. Soup is really sour and spicy. If you have a weak stomach, you may need to ask them to cut down on the chili mix.

Pad Thai $5

Pad Thai is not supposed to be spicy, but when mixed with the thai chili powder, I almost couldnt feel my lips after eating the entire dish. I love pad thai as it has a very unique taste of sweet and sourness. It is basically the traditional thai rice noodle cooked with tamarind sauce. The original version is served with raw beansprouts and cabbage. In this version, the beansprouts are fried together. I guess its more suitable for the local market. The ingredients comprises of some fried beancurd,mock squids,mock meat which I cannot identify and plentiful of beansprouts. It tastes perfect after mixing with the lime, crushed peanuts and chili powder. If you are not into chili padi, do not mix in the chili powder as it is really very spicy. Note: This should be a vegan version as it does not contain eggs.

This is the stall front, located in a coffeeshop just beside the famous he ji bao coffeeshop in Aljunid. There are only 2 stalls in this coffeeshop. Other than the stir fried and soup dishes, they too serve steamboat, also known as suki pot. Its a pity that the serving is too much for us, and I could not try the highly recommended papaya salad. I would love to come here more often in the next couple of weeks!

The menus~

Location: Yuan Yuan Restaurant, #45, Geylang Lorong 27
Opening Hours: Till 11 daily. Closed on Mondays

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tian Yi Vegetarian Stall (天一素食)

I've long heard about the superb Kway Chap in AMK but did not have the chance to eat it.
Thanks to clare for the info!
This stall is splitted into half, with one half selling kway chap (which shld be its specialty dishes) juz by looking at the long human queue. The other half of the stall is selling fried bee hoon, mee with its wide variety of dishes to choose from. Make sure you know what you want to order so that you can go on the right queue.

Kway Chap ($ 2.50)

This one is by far one of the best in sg that i've tasted. Its served with a bowl of kway and a small plate of mock intenstines, mei cai (preserved veg), tofu and tau pok. The stall owner must have cooked the dishes in a long period of time, as the tofu, tau pok are immersed in the thick gravy and they taste really good.Chilli is a must try with the kway chap, as the chilli is specillay cooked for the kway chap.I'm definitely going back again for more kway chap addictions. =)
Location: Cheng San Food Centre
Blk 527 AMK Ave 10
Stall number# 01-143
Opening hours: 6am to 1pm
Opens daily, close on Monday (Exception: If Mon falls on 1st & 15th of the month)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Silver Stream Vegetarian Food (银川素食香) - CLOSED DOWN

This stall has since CLOSED DOWN.
Hello all, i'm running out of places to write! Please help if you do have good recommendations in your area.. It would be great if we can have something from the North or the West area.
Anyway, clare has earlier mentioned about this place but she didnt manage to take down the stall name and intro more dishes. As mentioned, this stall is located right opposite the famous tze char stall in Ang Mo Kio (AMK). Since the Tze Char stall is going to be closed (in june) for renovation, you may go to this stall for the time being. There are basically 2 separate stalls in this coffee shop. One selling the mains - e.g. mixed veg rice, tze char, kway chap while the other sells just Rojak, popiah and pancakes.

Popiah $1.00

I love popiah to the core and this is so far the BEST I can find in SG. Earlier i've blogged about the popiah at circuit road being famous, but well well, this stall's popiah is truely heavenly. Comprises of Lettuce, Egg, Beansprouts, Veg Ham, and loads of turnip. Juicy and melts completely in your mouth. Do let them know if you do not take eggs though. The norm is to order the main from another stall and get 1 popiah as your side, that makes your meal complete!

Minced meat dried noodle $2.50

It seems like Bah Chor Mee is a popular dish in AMK as there are 3 places that people would go. 1 is the stall at Blk 128 called Mai Zhi Su (MZS), there is a stall near Ave 4,which i've yet to write about too, and then, there is silverstream. The noodles serving is big and comprises of fishballs, minced meat stew with mushrooms, topped with fresh lettuce. Noodles are chewy, but not as nice as MZS, as they use noodles of different texture. The soup however, is a disappointment as it was really tasteless. If you are keen to try better noodles and soup, MZS would not disappoint. Nonetheless, if you are not so picky, this noodles is good enough.

Also, there are plenty other choices available. E.g. Claypot Rice (which was highly advertised in the papers), Kway Chap and other tze char. You may refer to the earlier link provided by clare. Lastly, the popiah is a MUST try!

Location: Blk 226F Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 #01-697 S566226 (Silver Stream Coffee Shop)

Opening Hours: till 9pm

Tel: 9118 2963