Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quan Xin Vegetarian Food @ Bedok Blk 538

Have I mentioned that I feel really blessed to be staying in Bedok? The one good thing about staying around my area is that the are indeed quite a number of places to eat right at my doorstep. After a 9 months renovation, the newly open market cum hawker centre now offers 3 vegetarian stalls that I get to choose from for my daily breakfast fix. In all, there are 5 vegetarian stalls within walking distance from where Im staying. I truely am blessed.

Talking about this stall, it was originally operating in Tampines and the owners decided to shift here due to the increase in Rental. The stall owners has more than 15 years of experience in this line.

Store Front

One thing is the stall only sells Wanton Noodles, Lor Mee and the usual economical fare (ie: Fried Bee Hoon, Kway Tiao, Mee)

Lor Mee $2.50

I've always adore lor mee, and not many places serve very good ones. This is not too bad as the soup is really tasty, yet not too much MSG. The only thing is that The ingredients aint a lot for this price.

Wanton Mee $2.50

Gwennie prefers this when they were operating in Tampines. I couldnt make out any difference, as i find this standard aint too bad. Sadly the wantons wasnt as tasty as I would have expected. I feel the noodles are chewy enough though. Other than this stall, there is another 2 stalls, one also selling the econimical fare as well as Kway Chap and Minced Meat Noodles. Another Stall sells what I've always love - vegetarian fried carrot cake. Really worth the try if you have been craving for it. Location: Blk 538 Market Bedok North Street 3 Opening Hrs: 7am till 1PM Usually Closed on Mondays.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hong Kong - Veggie SF Cafe

This is for my HK readers. Thanks for your support! Dear SG readers, do note that other than requests to write on local places, I've always got queries for overseas places too! So All about veggie does aim to provide more information whenever I travel. :)
In most forums/websites that I browsed, VeggieSF is listed as one of top five (Must-Visit). So I made it a point to visit them in Jan.
Opened by Paul & Bess, this cafe is located right in the heart of Central (Zhong Huan) in a building on Stanley Street. This place is well-liked by the yuppies.

I felt like I've travelled to San Francisco in the 50s the moment I stepped into the restaurant. I was really thrilled to see all the interesting decorations that I believe are brought from US.

Really like the Betty Boop & the Vintage Luggage!


One thing thats special about the Menu is that the Mains changes every week, while the sides are usually available. So I guess at the point of writing, you may not be having the same dishes I had. I find this notion really good since it makes people want to go more often! I was told that the Burger & Lagsana is a must try! So 3 of us had 2 meals and 2 sides.

I am Fabulous! HKD 98

We ordered this burger meal whereby the patty is made from organic beetroot. The meal also comes with potato/pumpkin wedges and salad. I find this a healthy option for people who are not into mock meats.

Union Square HKD 98

This lagsana comprises of Mixed vegetables baked over layers of flour and cheese that is tastefully spread with their homemade pesto sauce. Interesting and tasty. If you are a vegan, do note that Cheese can be omitted upon request.

Curry Veggie Balls HKD 28

If you have just turned vegetarian and has always loved fishballs, this is one of the better fishballs I've ever had. I was not able to find fishball of this texture and taste in SG, but well, at VeggieSF, you would be able to try it. When I was visiting my sister in Macau, we were able to get this from the vegetarian supplier as well.

Satay HKD 28

Its a interesting display, but perhaps the most expensive satay I had to date. I find the taste okay. As this cafe has not only attracted tourists, it is really popular with the working crowds as well. My sister was lucky to have lunch here again for another 2 days since her colleagues called a week in advance to reserve seats. So here's the rest of the meals:

Japan Town HKD 88

A beautiful color display of japanese styled fried rice topped with Mayo and Seaweed.

Sawadeeka HKD 88

Fragrant Coconut Glutinous Rice Served with Thai Grilled Veggie skewers.

Wintermelon Soup

Interesting as my sister thought that wintermelon is supposed to be chinese styled but it was more like a western soup.

For any meals, all you need to do is to add another 48 bucks for a soup or dessert and drink.

If you are a vegetarian intending to travel to HK or staying in HK, this is a place not to miss.

Location: 10/F Stanley 11, No. 11 Stanley Street, Central Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3902 3902

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12Noon - 2.30PM; 6 - 9PM, Closed on Sundays