Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zhuhai - Ri Yue Xuan Vegetarian Restaurant (日月轩素食坊)

It is quite common for people to cross the border from Macau to Zhuhai as it is just a river away. This is like us going over to JB for a day's trip from Singapore.
There are loads of shopping and massage available in Zhuhai and things are definitely much cheaper than Macau too!
Thanks to gaga, he managed to source this vegetarian place for us! It is not very far away from the shopping area at the border, costs approximately RMB10 cab ride.

The traditional looking menu. I guess for foreigners, you would have to point at the pictures as there is no english menu available.

Cold Cuts Combination

I saw this picture in the menu and ordered immediately because it had my favourite sausage of all times! I've not blogged on this before as I've not gone back to Shanghai to eat it. While I was working there a couple of years back, I fell in love with this. It was served in a restaurant called 枣子树 and the dish name is 肠相思. Its basically veg meat with konyaku in the middle, making it really chewy and tasty. The rest of the dishes on this plate wasn't too memorable. The middle noodles was cold and the sweet and sour was gluten. As I'm not a fan of gluten, it was not to my liking. As for the other dish, it is some veg product made locally. tasted like fishballs to me although the waitress told us its chicken. Aint too bad. We ordered another dish called chili chicken, which was using this meat to cook.

Vegetables in stock

I cannot recall what this was called originally. Basically very fresh leafy veg that was cooked in milk stock (soup). Wasn't oily at all and the vegetables still tastes crunchy! It made me think of the milky fish bee hoon that we have in Singapore.

Hotplate Tofu

A dish that can't go very wrong. Nothing special as it is common in Singapore too.


My dad is a mega fan of dumplings and he always orders them when it is in the menu! One thing good about the dumpling was the skin as it was freshly made and it was really thin and full of ingredients. Ingredients was normal, comprise of mushrooms and vegetables.

I did not manage to take down the prices of the dishes as it was treated by my mum. However, I remember it costing less than RMB 200 in all, meaning 5 of us costs approximately SGD 8 each. Thats really cheap for a good dinner like such.

Location: 珠海市拱北粤华路中庭居3号铺

Tel: 6677765 8289531

Opening Hrs: till 11PM

Stay in tune.. more posts from Macau, JB and Beijing, Shanghai in FEB!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ming De Vegetarian @ Lavender *CLOSED DOWN*

*Closed Down*
I wouldn't have noted this cafe and its good food if not for Gwennie and Janet's introduction. Thanks so much! Anyway, one of the nights I went with gwennie for a really good meal. Thanks gwennie for the treat, of cos! This cafe is located around 5 mins walk away from the Lavender MRT Station, opposite the Citylights Condo.
The decor is simple but clean on the whole. This cafe serves quite a wide variety of tze char dishes. They also do serve set meals like Sweet and Sour Pork rice set at reasonable prices. Me and gwennie ordered 2 dishes and sharksfin soup to go with rice.

Sharksfin $6

I don't usually order sharksfin soup when Im at normal cafes as i've always thought the ingredients may not be that good, and that restaurants serve better. However, as I was waiting for gweenie's arrival, I looked around and saw 2 ladies drinking this and it seem really good. Hence we decided to try this dish. This is definitely one of the gems i've found! The sharksfin soup is not only full of ingredients, the serving was large enough to feed 4! Comprises of: Enoki mushrooms, veg ham, carrots, beancurd and beancurd skin. The soup wasn't too sticky and saltish either. I thought this was perfect even for a 10 course wedding dinner! I do not quite remember if they included egg or not. Please ask them before ordering of cos!
Fried Calamari $8
I've always wondered why the vegetarian version doesn't serve calamari but was quite happy to find them serve it here. I've often seen my pals ordering the "real" calamari at pubs etc. Anyway, serving was too much for 2 of us as well. There were around 15 pcs of this calamari rings that we were too full by the time we finished 6. I realised that this calamari is sold at most vegetarian suppliers. All you need to do is to dip in batter and deep fry it. Goes quite well with mayo, but fattening.
Hotplate Tofu with egg $6

The Tofu is deep fried, then served with a gravy comprises of carrots, capicums and mushrooms. below the gravy lays an omlette. The gravy has a strong mushroom and oyster sauce aroma that goes really well with rice. Do let the chef know if you do not take egg!

Diet: Lacto-Ovo, comprises of Egg and Diary
I believe there are 2 cafes opened by the same owner judging by the namecard. They do provide catering services, buffets, banquets as well.

Location: Blk 808 French Road, #01-171, Kitchener Complex
Tel: 94551829
Opening Hours: 7am to 9pm daily

Monday, January 11, 2010

Macau - Feng Cheng Xuan Vegetarian Restaurant (凤城轩素食)

I went to Macau for a really short getaway last christmas. It has been more than 15 years since I last went to Macau and I was really surprised how much transformation this island has gone through. It has totally becomed an Asian Las Vegas! The best thing about this place is there are loads of vegetarian outlets available. I was there for 3 days, and we went to 6 different places for each of our meals. Nonetheless, thanks gaga for bringing us around! Anyway, this restaurant is located very near the Ruins of St. Paul's (大三巴). It is really packed even on weekdays, hence it is recommended to call and reserve seats before you go.
Restaurant Front

Fried Wantons MOP25 (16 pcs)

Sunnietart was raving about how nice and yummy the wantons were as she went there earlier to recee most of the places. So we really had to order this Best dish in the house! I didn't believe that it would be that good until I realised almost every single table would order this dish. They also serve in soups and there were some patrons who practically ordered the Big (more than 30pcs i guess) serving of wanton soup without rice. Man, this really blew me away as I finally found my match! If you have started reading my blog since the olden days, i've posted my recipe before and I've yet found a close match until this place. What I like about this wanton is the amount of filling in it. In SG, my favourite used to be from Mai Zhi Su but was always disappointed cos' of the miserable amount of filling inside. The wantons served here are MEGA in size and the filling was yummy. Basically comprise of mock meat and veg. What i like is the big serving. For only SGD5, you can get 16 pcs. But in sg, wantons usually costs a lot more for lesser pcs.

Wanton Soup

Sunnietart was telling me that she misses this the most to date. Yet another 16 pcs in the soup form cos gaga wanted some soup. Also tasty and the soup was not too salty. Luckily there were 5 of us to finish up 32 pcs of wantons! So sunnie, are you drooling at the sight of this picture?

Green Veg

Nothing exactly special about this veg, except that it is really fresh. I guess its also due to the fact that it comes direct from China nearby. Hence we can still taste the sweetness and freshness. One thing that was puzzling was that most restaurants in Macau serve the vegetables in such a manner (i.e they do not usually cut off the stems), hence you will have to eat it stalk by stalk. I guess it actually helps in the presentation and retain the entire stalk nutrients without cutting.

Hotplate Braised Tofu

Serve piping hot on the hotplate. This tofu tasted like the usual ones we can get in Singapore too. The gravy was perfect to go with rice.

Black Pepper Chicken

I can't remember the taste of this meat at all, but wasn't too bad as far as i remember. One thing about the mock meat here is you can't easily buyfrom the suppliers, i guess sometimes could be homemade.

All in all, a nice and cosy chinese style dining place. Food is good and prices reasonable too.

Location: 大炮一街2号地下

Tel: 2836 2334

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wedding Review - Grand Plaza Park Hotel @ Cityhall

Here's my last review of my good pal XF's wedding I've attended last year end. My first time at Grand Plaza Park and I totally love the veg. food served!
There was no menu for me.. so I'll just name the dishes accordingly.
Cold Cuts Assortment
As the only vegetarian at the table, I was served indivdually. This comprise of the small spring roll, char Siew, veg straw mushrooms with seabass, and Veg Ham. The sauce for the char siew and mushrooms tasted normal.

Corn Soup
Most places serve the veg. sharks fin, hence this change was something good too.
Asparagus with veg prawns

This dish is quite nicely presented. Comprises of asparagus, mushrooms and veg. prawns. I didn't really like this kind of prawn though.

Mock Fish in special black pepper sauce

This fish is steamed and then served with black pepper sauce. The fish tasted like those we can buy from most vegetarian suppliers.

Beancurd Prawn in Mango Salad Sauce

This prawn is the normal Mee Suan prawn which can be found at most veg suppliers. The sauce is a mix of Salad and Mango, hence there's a sweet and sour taste.

Vegetarian Squid

The squids are stir fried with some chili and served with cashew nuts. Very chewy and it wasn't too spicy.

Yee Fu Noodles

I was too full by the time this dish was served. Tasted normal, but not too saltish, which is good!

All in all, I feel this place has better standard in comparison to my previous reviews.

Location: 10 Coleman Street

Saturday, January 2, 2010

VegSenz cafe @ Serangoon

Dear friends, my apologies, as I've been busy with work since my trip that I even countdown in the office. Finally its year 2010! Isit it great to feel the freshness of the year?! Well, even though the summit didn't explicity urge the world to go vegetarian, i still continue to contribute to my blog to encourage this diet. Thanks to all of your support, my blog is growing well with more of you reading it. Its also through this blog I get to know more friends and fellow blogger like Luke and Crystal! I wish everyone a great year ahead as I bring to you more food places! Upcoming: Contributions from you and some wedding reviews and my recent macau gem finds.

This post is done by colin, thanks so much colin! Keep your posts coming! This cafe has been previously written by Luke too!

This cafe is a vegan cafe and everything here is organic. The decor is clean , pristined and quite trendy, probably an attempt to attract the younger crowd. You can chose between and outdoor alfresco dining, or the airconditioned indoor dining area. Personally i prefer the indoors because it is less noisy from the busy traffic and cooler.


There are many dishes to choose from, and i've decided to order the colourful noodles, organic sushi and the szechuan spicy sour noodles.

Colourful noodles $7.80

The presentation is really good! The noodles are really colourful! See all the virbant colours of noodles and fresh vegetables, there is even alfafa sprouts on it. It has this vegetarian BBQ sauce taste and a good dressing of eggless mayo. It is a cold dish and rather refreshing to eat on a hot summer weather. Its kinda similar to the liang ban mian 凉拌面 (cold noodles) in taiwan, but very appetising and slightly sweet. However, the portion is quite small.

Organic sushi $7

It tasted really similar to that of the organic sushi from fortune centre, except that the seaweed is not as fresh cos its rather soft and less crispy compared to the one in fortune centre. taste wise it is similar and quite sweet. very refreshing too.It has beet root, tapoica and carrots.

Spicy noodles $7.50
This is a warm and spicy dish. However, it was not very spicy and not very sour also. The tanginess is just right and really whetts your appetite for more mouthful of noodles. the noodles are springy and similar to those of the colourful noodles, not too sure if its self made or bought, but definitely not the ones u can buy from the wet market. The gravy is thick, slightly sour,spicy and has bits of black fungus, tofu, carrots, topped with fresh carrots and cucumber strips. Overall the feeling is warming to the stomach, and satisfaction is guranteed. This portion is good for 1 person.

Overall, the food tasted has been light but satisfying. For heavy eaters, you may need to eat a bit more to quench your hunger. The only setback about this cafe is the pricing of food. Personally i feel that everything is overpriced, even with the ambience and service. There is no Service charge nor GST.

Location: 2 Serangoon Road #01-24, The Verge, Singapore 218227
Tel: 6392 0369
Operating Hours: Daily 10am-10pm