Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ming De Vegetarian @ Lavender *CLOSED DOWN*

*Closed Down*
I wouldn't have noted this cafe and its good food if not for Gwennie and Janet's introduction. Thanks so much! Anyway, one of the nights I went with gwennie for a really good meal. Thanks gwennie for the treat, of cos! This cafe is located around 5 mins walk away from the Lavender MRT Station, opposite the Citylights Condo.
The decor is simple but clean on the whole. This cafe serves quite a wide variety of tze char dishes. They also do serve set meals like Sweet and Sour Pork rice set at reasonable prices. Me and gwennie ordered 2 dishes and sharksfin soup to go with rice.

Sharksfin $6

I don't usually order sharksfin soup when Im at normal cafes as i've always thought the ingredients may not be that good, and that restaurants serve better. However, as I was waiting for gweenie's arrival, I looked around and saw 2 ladies drinking this and it seem really good. Hence we decided to try this dish. This is definitely one of the gems i've found! The sharksfin soup is not only full of ingredients, the serving was large enough to feed 4! Comprises of: Enoki mushrooms, veg ham, carrots, beancurd and beancurd skin. The soup wasn't too sticky and saltish either. I thought this was perfect even for a 10 course wedding dinner! I do not quite remember if they included egg or not. Please ask them before ordering of cos!
Fried Calamari $8
I've always wondered why the vegetarian version doesn't serve calamari but was quite happy to find them serve it here. I've often seen my pals ordering the "real" calamari at pubs etc. Anyway, serving was too much for 2 of us as well. There were around 15 pcs of this calamari rings that we were too full by the time we finished 6. I realised that this calamari is sold at most vegetarian suppliers. All you need to do is to dip in batter and deep fry it. Goes quite well with mayo, but fattening.
Hotplate Tofu with egg $6

The Tofu is deep fried, then served with a gravy comprises of carrots, capicums and mushrooms. below the gravy lays an omlette. The gravy has a strong mushroom and oyster sauce aroma that goes really well with rice. Do let the chef know if you do not take egg!

Diet: Lacto-Ovo, comprises of Egg and Diary
I believe there are 2 cafes opened by the same owner judging by the namecard. They do provide catering services, buffets, banquets as well.

Location: Blk 808 French Road, #01-171, Kitchener Complex
Tel: 94551829
Opening Hours: 7am to 9pm daily

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Ming De Vegetarian Offically Closed Down On Friday, 17 February 2012.