Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wedding Review - Grand Plaza Park Hotel @ Cityhall

Here's my last review of my good pal XF's wedding I've attended last year end. My first time at Grand Plaza Park and I totally love the veg. food served!
There was no menu for me.. so I'll just name the dishes accordingly.
Cold Cuts Assortment
As the only vegetarian at the table, I was served indivdually. This comprise of the small spring roll, char Siew, veg straw mushrooms with seabass, and Veg Ham. The sauce for the char siew and mushrooms tasted normal.

Corn Soup
Most places serve the veg. sharks fin, hence this change was something good too.
Asparagus with veg prawns

This dish is quite nicely presented. Comprises of asparagus, mushrooms and veg. prawns. I didn't really like this kind of prawn though.

Mock Fish in special black pepper sauce

This fish is steamed and then served with black pepper sauce. The fish tasted like those we can buy from most vegetarian suppliers.

Beancurd Prawn in Mango Salad Sauce

This prawn is the normal Mee Suan prawn which can be found at most veg suppliers. The sauce is a mix of Salad and Mango, hence there's a sweet and sour taste.

Vegetarian Squid

The squids are stir fried with some chili and served with cashew nuts. Very chewy and it wasn't too spicy.

Yee Fu Noodles

I was too full by the time this dish was served. Tasted normal, but not too saltish, which is good!

All in all, I feel this place has better standard in comparison to my previous reviews.

Location: 10 Coleman Street

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