Monday, January 11, 2010

Macau - Feng Cheng Xuan Vegetarian Restaurant (凤城轩素食)

I went to Macau for a really short getaway last christmas. It has been more than 15 years since I last went to Macau and I was really surprised how much transformation this island has gone through. It has totally becomed an Asian Las Vegas! The best thing about this place is there are loads of vegetarian outlets available. I was there for 3 days, and we went to 6 different places for each of our meals. Nonetheless, thanks gaga for bringing us around! Anyway, this restaurant is located very near the Ruins of St. Paul's (大三巴). It is really packed even on weekdays, hence it is recommended to call and reserve seats before you go.
Restaurant Front

Fried Wantons MOP25 (16 pcs)

Sunnietart was raving about how nice and yummy the wantons were as she went there earlier to recee most of the places. So we really had to order this Best dish in the house! I didn't believe that it would be that good until I realised almost every single table would order this dish. They also serve in soups and there were some patrons who practically ordered the Big (more than 30pcs i guess) serving of wanton soup without rice. Man, this really blew me away as I finally found my match! If you have started reading my blog since the olden days, i've posted my recipe before and I've yet found a close match until this place. What I like about this wanton is the amount of filling in it. In SG, my favourite used to be from Mai Zhi Su but was always disappointed cos' of the miserable amount of filling inside. The wantons served here are MEGA in size and the filling was yummy. Basically comprise of mock meat and veg. What i like is the big serving. For only SGD5, you can get 16 pcs. But in sg, wantons usually costs a lot more for lesser pcs.

Wanton Soup

Sunnietart was telling me that she misses this the most to date. Yet another 16 pcs in the soup form cos gaga wanted some soup. Also tasty and the soup was not too salty. Luckily there were 5 of us to finish up 32 pcs of wantons! So sunnie, are you drooling at the sight of this picture?

Green Veg

Nothing exactly special about this veg, except that it is really fresh. I guess its also due to the fact that it comes direct from China nearby. Hence we can still taste the sweetness and freshness. One thing that was puzzling was that most restaurants in Macau serve the vegetables in such a manner (i.e they do not usually cut off the stems), hence you will have to eat it stalk by stalk. I guess it actually helps in the presentation and retain the entire stalk nutrients without cutting.

Hotplate Braised Tofu

Serve piping hot on the hotplate. This tofu tasted like the usual ones we can get in Singapore too. The gravy was perfect to go with rice.

Black Pepper Chicken

I can't remember the taste of this meat at all, but wasn't too bad as far as i remember. One thing about the mock meat here is you can't easily buyfrom the suppliers, i guess sometimes could be homemade.

All in all, a nice and cosy chinese style dining place. Food is good and prices reasonable too.

Location: 大炮一街2号地下

Tel: 2836 2334


Sunny said...

This post certainly motivates me to visit Macau! :-)

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

I want the Wonton too :) Hungry now after reading this.
Cheers :)

Sunny said...

Anyone knows anywhere that sells nice vegetarian wanton/dumpling that look as nice as what is been posted in Spore? Do let us know...

missveg said...

sunny.. I only know 128 at AMK one is still not bad, but its just too small to make you feel satisfied!

Sunny said...

Longing for a good break & Macau had become a consideration venue bec of your post of their wantons...

missveg said...

Hello Sunny!
Sure why not go for a vacation? the food is yummy! U can look for my sister, if u dont mind, she is living in Macau. Actually im going again, this dec. from 7th to 12th. haha lets go there and eat.

Sunny said...

Thanks for the offer:-)
Just had some great relaxing outings in Spore itself that trip to Macau can be delayed next time.

Oh, just visited Sushilin at Pearl ctr & they have some new dishes which one of them is Vinegar Dumplings & I think they tasted good compared to-date!
Good filling ones, you can try.:-)