Saturday, January 2, 2010

VegSenz cafe @ Serangoon

Dear friends, my apologies, as I've been busy with work since my trip that I even countdown in the office. Finally its year 2010! Isit it great to feel the freshness of the year?! Well, even though the summit didn't explicity urge the world to go vegetarian, i still continue to contribute to my blog to encourage this diet. Thanks to all of your support, my blog is growing well with more of you reading it. Its also through this blog I get to know more friends and fellow blogger like Luke and Crystal! I wish everyone a great year ahead as I bring to you more food places! Upcoming: Contributions from you and some wedding reviews and my recent macau gem finds.

This post is done by colin, thanks so much colin! Keep your posts coming! This cafe has been previously written by Luke too!

This cafe is a vegan cafe and everything here is organic. The decor is clean , pristined and quite trendy, probably an attempt to attract the younger crowd. You can chose between and outdoor alfresco dining, or the airconditioned indoor dining area. Personally i prefer the indoors because it is less noisy from the busy traffic and cooler.


There are many dishes to choose from, and i've decided to order the colourful noodles, organic sushi and the szechuan spicy sour noodles.

Colourful noodles $7.80

The presentation is really good! The noodles are really colourful! See all the virbant colours of noodles and fresh vegetables, there is even alfafa sprouts on it. It has this vegetarian BBQ sauce taste and a good dressing of eggless mayo. It is a cold dish and rather refreshing to eat on a hot summer weather. Its kinda similar to the liang ban mian 凉拌面 (cold noodles) in taiwan, but very appetising and slightly sweet. However, the portion is quite small.

Organic sushi $7

It tasted really similar to that of the organic sushi from fortune centre, except that the seaweed is not as fresh cos its rather soft and less crispy compared to the one in fortune centre. taste wise it is similar and quite sweet. very refreshing too.It has beet root, tapoica and carrots.

Spicy noodles $7.50
This is a warm and spicy dish. However, it was not very spicy and not very sour also. The tanginess is just right and really whetts your appetite for more mouthful of noodles. the noodles are springy and similar to those of the colourful noodles, not too sure if its self made or bought, but definitely not the ones u can buy from the wet market. The gravy is thick, slightly sour,spicy and has bits of black fungus, tofu, carrots, topped with fresh carrots and cucumber strips. Overall the feeling is warming to the stomach, and satisfaction is guranteed. This portion is good for 1 person.

Overall, the food tasted has been light but satisfying. For heavy eaters, you may need to eat a bit more to quench your hunger. The only setback about this cafe is the pricing of food. Personally i feel that everything is overpriced, even with the ambience and service. There is no Service charge nor GST.

Location: 2 Serangoon Road #01-24, The Verge, Singapore 218227
Tel: 6392 0369
Operating Hours: Daily 10am-10pm

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The Hungry Ang Mo said...

The sushi looks really good, i'll have to try that next time i got there!

Next time try the naked burger! It's so so good! Maybe it will become your new 'best burger in singapore'!? Who knows!