Saturday, December 19, 2009

Taipei - Quan Zhen Vegetarian (全真素食)

The last time I went to Taipei, I've only introduced the must eat snacks there and I didn't really had a chance to eat at restaurants. This is contributed by Jeslyn sis, thanks once again! And she made me wanna go taipei real soon again!
I'll try my best to translate the dish as it was given in Chinese. The exchange rate is around 20 TWD : 1SGD.
Egg Fried Rice 西式蛋包饭 TWD 90
Fried Egg is covered on top fried rice and then topped with tomato sauce. Does has a Japanese style in presentation. The good thing is that was it not too oily and makes you want to eat more. Best recommended to those people who doesnt like the taste of taiwanese rice.
Tomato Squid Rice番茄苏东饭 TWD 90
The portion is just right for one and it was served with an additional bowl of soup. The squid slices are deep fried but not too oily. Tastes blends well with the tomato sauce.

Spicy Ramen 麻辣拉面 TWD 90

Not a very spicy dish and tasted more like instant noodles. The noodles used is similiar to Udon and was certainly very chewy. Comprises of vegetables, mushroom and corn. A healthy choice for people who are not into mock meats.

Hotplate Chicken 铁板香鸡 TWD 130

This was serve in a hot plate with tomato sauce as the base gravy again. It seems like most of its dishes have tomato sauce in them. A sad thing is that the sauce doesn't blend well with the food as it tasted quite sour. It is not recommmended for people who are not into sour food.
Hot Pot 招牌素食锅 TWD 120

Best recommended to eat it cold weather. The serving is quite adequate for 3 pax unless u are a big eater. There are a lot of vegeatables, pumpkin, mushrooms , corn and vermicelli and it doesn't contain MSG.

The good thing about taiwan is many people are very health conscious and vegetarian food is available almost everywhere. Even most non-veg places do have vegetarian options. So Taiwan has always been one of my favourite place to visit!


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