Monday, August 30, 2010

Onn Vegetarian @ Kallang

I remember a couple of months back "passerby" asked me to try out the food at the stall near to Kallang MRT via my chatbox. Since there are many "passerby"s here, i'm not able to identify the exact you. I would like to thank you for the good recommendation. My friend and I totally enjoyed it.
This stall is located in a coffee shop at the foot of the HDB blks beside the MRT. Do note that there are 2 coffee shops here, so this stall is inside the coffee shop that is facing the main road.
Onn Vegetarian sells a wide variety of food ranging from Dry Noodles to laksa, kway chap, dumpling soups as well as some tze char dishes. Business is good perhaps there isn't much vegetarian places nearby.
Stall front

Quite a big stall and I was glad to see many customers eat from their stall.

Wanton Noodles $3

I tried this Wanton Mee as I've heard it was not bad. Indeed, the sauce was not bad.. noodles was chewy as well. I personally liked the cha siew as it was quite well marinated. As for the wantons, the ingredients wasn't a lot and I was eating more skin than ingredients, which I thought was a pity. The stall owner shared with us that the wanton was homemade by themselves. Overall, the taste was okay, but I hope that there would be more ingredients in future.

Kway Tiao Soup $3

Gwennie had kway tiao soup which comprises of beancurd, fish slices, vegetables and beansprouts. I liked it as well as the soup was very tasty.

Dumpling Soup $4

The picture of this was very tempting and we both loved dumplings. Sadly this was not handmade but brought from suppliers. The taste is pretty standard which the ingredients comprise of celery, cabbage, mushrooms.

Popcorn Chicken $5

This chicken is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Super delicious and it looked like popcorn chicken.

Location: G5 Food House, Blk 5 Upper Boon Keng Road #01-01 (5 mins walk from Kallang MRT station)

Opening Hours: 7am to 8.30pm (Closed on Sundays)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Inflight Meal - Singapore Airlines

Here's another inflight meal that I had when I went beijing for work early this year.
Do note that if you are travelling, most airlines cater to vegetarians, however do make your reservations for vegetarian food on board when you purchase your ticket.
Anyway, for Singapore Airlines, they have quite a number of vegetarian options available. I usually request for Oriental Vegetarian. They do have vegan or indian vegetarian meals as well.

Inflight - SG - BJ

One thing good about making early meal reservations is that you are usually the first to be served before the rest. The only drawback is that we do not have any menu to choose, so you are to eat what you are served. I guess there are different meals served on each different flight route.

The Main

I was happy with the main as it was what I like! The main comprises of stir fried yee mee with mock meat, vegetables and carrots. The mock meat is known as "猪肝" (aka pig's liver) cooked in veg oyster sauce. If you are a fan of liver, you can get this from most vegetarian suppliers. My mum's version is usually with lots of ginger slices cooked in dark soy sauce.


For the salad, I was served with tomatoes, asparagus, bambooshoots as well as abalone mushrooms. All are well steamed and lightly marinated with salt. Quite refreshing.


I love the dessert most. This is lychee jello with orange. The jello wasn't too sweet.

I'm surprised that I ate the entire meal, perhaps it was suitable for me. Now im anticipating for the next meal on my next flight..SQ has not disappointed me so far.. If you have had other better flight meals, do take some pictures and post a review! I'm contactable at my email on the right.

Location: On Singapore Airlines

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nian Ci Guan Yin Vegetarian Stall @ Geylang

Nian Ci has relocated to Geylang, same blk as Guan Yin Vegetarian, but different coffee shop! The soups are back in action! YAY!

New Stall Look

Other than serving the usual mixed vegetables rice and economical bee hoon, the tze char and dry mee is a must try. I've never tried 炖饭 (steamed rice) before and decided to give it a try.

"Dun Fan" $4

There's choice of Brown or White Rice. I Opted for the brown rice as it is healthier. The ingredients comprises of cooked veg mock meat with yam and steamed with brown rice. It is served with cabbage on the side. The yam was very well cooked and not too soggy. I couldnt make out what the mock meat was but I guess its suppose to represent roast meat. Aint too bad since this was served hot.

Dry Noodles $3

Gwennie loves the wanton dry noodles of all time. Portion is big and the sauce for the noodles is really good. I personally find it better and cheaper than Vege Sensations. One thing good is, the stall owner is very generous with the ingredients!

The stall owner realised that I was going to write for her, so she asked me to go back again today so that she can cook her specialty for me to photograph. I was touched by her sincerity and generosity so I went back a second time.

Nasi Briyani $3.50

Auntie cooked this specially for me, nasi briyani! She learnt this from a malay friend previously. This is dedicated to sunnietart since she is a mega supporter of nasi briyani! Please note that if you visit her stall the portion would not be so big. Served with spicy curry mutton, chicken cutlets and tempeh. Auntie wanted to try something special so she mixed chicken with mutton. The chicken was okay, but was a bit bland. Tempeh and rice tasted good with the curry sauce. Anyway, auntie would be changing the chicken to cereal prawn as I personally do not think the chicken and mutton complement. Definitely value for money. I can't wait to try her cereal prawns.

Other Must trys: Homemade Yong Tau Foo

Diet: Vegan, no eggs

Location: Block 134, Geylang East Ave 1

Opening Hours: Unknown

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Su Man Yuan Vegetarian Stall @ Plaza Singapura

Finally a post on Su Man Yuan @ PS! The stall is located in the Kopitiam food court. I'm really happy that there is this stall for vegetarians now. In the past i used to think that orchard road is the most vegetarian unfriendly place. These days, its good to see certain changes and with the long queues during lunchtime, I really hope Su Man Yuan can stay for as long as possible.
What I've always like about su man yuan is the quality assurance they've got. So far my favourite is their stall at Suntec which even has Brown Rice Porridge!
The food at Marine Parade is not bad as well.
At PS, there is also quite a selection of the dishes daily as well as tze char dishes.

I ate laksa on this day as I wanted something really spicy.

Laksa $3.30

In comparison with other stalls, the ingredients here are lesser. Some places do have Beancurd and Char Siew included. Here they only gave me a few slices of Tao Pok and Fish balls. The soup is good but fattening as lots of coconut milk is added.

Do note that during their busy lunch hour, they would not be able to cook the tze char dishes for you, hence you can only choose to eat the mixed veg rice. I didn't mind that since there is free soup!

Diet: No Eggs, but some dishes do serve with mayo on top.

Other dishes which I like: Lor Mee

Location: 68, Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, Level 6