Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Su Man Yuan Vegetarian Stall @ Plaza Singapura

Finally a post on Su Man Yuan @ PS! The stall is located in the Kopitiam food court. I'm really happy that there is this stall for vegetarians now. In the past i used to think that orchard road is the most vegetarian unfriendly place. These days, its good to see certain changes and with the long queues during lunchtime, I really hope Su Man Yuan can stay for as long as possible.
What I've always like about su man yuan is the quality assurance they've got. So far my favourite is their stall at Suntec which even has Brown Rice Porridge!
The food at Marine Parade is not bad as well.
At PS, there is also quite a selection of the dishes daily as well as tze char dishes.

I ate laksa on this day as I wanted something really spicy.

Laksa $3.30

In comparison with other stalls, the ingredients here are lesser. Some places do have Beancurd and Char Siew included. Here they only gave me a few slices of Tao Pok and Fish balls. The soup is good but fattening as lots of coconut milk is added.

Do note that during their busy lunch hour, they would not be able to cook the tze char dishes for you, hence you can only choose to eat the mixed veg rice. I didn't mind that since there is free soup!

Diet: No Eggs, but some dishes do serve with mayo on top.

Other dishes which I like: Lor Mee

Location: 68, Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, Level 6


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

Good post Janice!

I share your sentiments, I remember always going to PS back in 2007 and was constantly frustrated by that ample food court not having one vegetarian stall.

Refreshing to see things are changing for the better now!


Lix said...

Thanks for the info! Finally there's another food place other than "Lao Di Fang" at Park Mall for me to go while i'm in Orchard.