Thursday, July 29, 2010

Iwannagetstuffed Vegetarian Restaurant @ Kallang Leisure (素芳斋) *CLOSED DOWN*

*CLOSED DOWN* I heard they relocated to Tampines, but not serving veg anymore.
I read on the opening of this new veg buffet place on the forum and I decided to try it out before Jay's concert last saturday. I was surpised by the shop space as I was thinking it might just be a small little cafe. The restaurant itself occupies approximately 3 shop space and can accomodate as much as 40 pax. It is seeing a reasonable crowd on event days. Layout of the restaurant is simple and bright.
It is a new and interesting concept for the entire place to offer nothing BUT only BUFFET. I met one of the manager who used to be working with loving hut. He mentioned that everything is vegan, with minimal mock items and there is no garlic & onion in all dishes. I even asked him for the ala carte menu, but there was none. The catch here is, there is no specific timing for buffet, meaning, as what the name suggests "Iwannagetstuffed", you can eat as long as you want, as much as you want. For a price this low, it is recommended that you starve yourself for 3 days, and from the opening till closing time, sit there and get stuffed.
One Price $12.90

I have no idea if there is any Child Price, so you may want to call before going. This is just some of the dishes and they vary every day. There is a blend of 20 over East and West cusines available.

Salad Bar

My own Salad creation

I loved how the braised peanuts taste!
Eddie's creations. The dishes include fried noodles, Spagetti, Olive Fried Rice, Hash Browns, Tofu, veg and even Chwee Kuey, Chee Cheong Fun included.

Diet: Vegan, No Onions & Garlic

All in all, this is not a bad choice to come but do not expect interesting dishes like those served at quality hotel. I personally like it as they keep changing the dishes. This is more of our usual fare but do note that drinks are not inclusive. You may just get plain water like we did.
Since it has only opened for a month, there is still room for improvement and I do hope later on they may have ala-carte menus available.
Location: 5 Stadium Walk, Kallang Leisure Park, Level 1-/33/34/35
Tel No.: 63480600
Opening Hours: Till 9pm daily


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

This is a great concept! I will have to go down and take a look for myself sometime soon.

Thanks for sharing this with us!


趙吳維倫彥廷 said...

打擾你實在不好意思, 你的blog很好看呢!!!!..................................................................

Gonza40 said...

I went there last sunday and there weren't alot of people. Have also heard quite a number of customers asking for ala carte menu which unfortunately don't provide. Food spread not alot but for that price still alright.

qoox said...

apparently this restaurant has closed down???