Monday, July 5, 2010

Buffet Lunch @ Classic Lao Di Fang Park Mall

It has been a long time since I last updated on Lao Di Fang ("LDF"). LDF used to have 3 outlets and it is very sad to see just this last one standing now. I have no idea if the one at Ang Mo Kio is still operating.
I used to patronise the LDF at Chinatown as the prices was much cheaper. However, the standard has dropped a lot and it has since closed down. Hence if I am craving for Braised Beef Noodles (红烧面), there is only one choice now.. which is Classic LDF, which has since relocated to Parkmall.
Classic LDF now offers value-for-money buffet lunch which I think is very worth.

There are over 30 selections available ranging from appetizers to dim sum to soups and all time favourites. If only braised beef noodles is available, it would have been more perfect. Anyway, this was good enough to make me feel spoilt for choice, as I wanted to try a mouthful of everything on the menu. Furthermore, it only costs $12.80 for Adults and $9.80 for Children. The only catch here is that this is only available from Mon to Fri, inclusive of first and fifteen of the lunar month, where you are required to pay a dollar more.

Beancurd Fries

This is my family favourite must-order side dish. Instead of the usual potato, this is made out of beancurd, making it taste really chewy. Im starting to drool as I write!

Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves

This was quite well cooked with bean sauce as well as sambal chili, aint too spicy as well. Would be great with a bowl of rice!

Spicy & Sour Soup

It was written as hot & sour soup in the menu but I've decided to name it spicy & sour instead, as this is really spicy! Not suitable for the weak stomach. One thing good is that the soups are served by per serving. Hence if you and your friend want to try 2 types of soups, you may order a serving each. The mushroom soup is yummy and tasty too.


Nicely fried, tastes good with ginger and vinegar..

Curry Spare Ribs

I was expecting this to have a strong curry taste but was proven wrong. This was more sweet & sour sauce cooked with curry leaves. Aint too bad as the spare ribs is made from lotus roots wrapped with mock meat. Quite a unique taste with the strong aroma from the curry leaves.

Olive Fried Rice

Fragrantly fried, but a little more olives would make it even better.

Trotters Meat Slices Dipped in Chili Oil

This dish is served cold. Im not sure if this meat is readily availale in the market or not, but this tasted well. The fatty portion is made from konnyaku and meat side was chewy. A tad oily since this is dipped in chili oil.

All in all, 2 of us ate a total of 8 dishes and a dessert.

Other MUST trys - French Beans, Cuttlefish Ball, HK Noodles

Location: 9 Penang Road, B1-12, Park Mall

Tel: 6533 8959

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