Monday, June 28, 2010

Shanghai - Song Yue Lou (松月楼)

*picture taken from guoli web*

The last of my shanghai stint was at Song Yue Lou Vegetarian restaurant. This restaurant has been in operations since 1910 and is still seeing brisk business to date. I guess its also because of its strategic location where it is the only veg place available for tourists in that vincinity. Anyway, it is located along the old streets of Yu yuan and the old buildings of the Cheng Huang temple which is a famous tourist attraction.

Abalone mushrooms with brocolli

A pretty normal dish that can hardly go wrong. As mentioned in my previous china posts, I love how fresh vegetables are in China perhaps due to the fact that they are cooked at most 1-2 days late. We will never get such freshness in SG.

Spicy sauce Fish

Was looking for some spice but was truely shocked by how spicy this was! Totally suited my taste but may not be good for the weak stomach. If you refer to the green little things in this dish, they are not green peas, but little green chili, and there were tons of them in this dish alone. The sauce was special with this spicy sichuan flavour. Fish wise, nothing much, as it was the usual beancurd sheet-made fishes that we can get in most suppliers' stores. Great to go with rice.

Crab Roe beancurd

A total disappointment, as I was not able to make out what the orangey spread was. Doesnt taste like carrot or mock floss. This dish was soaked in oil and was tasteless. Perhaps its a local dish which I was not able to appreciate. Xun was telling me that the crab roe at Gong De Lin was much better, a pity a didnt get a chance to taste it.

Price wise, I couldnt recall each individual rate, but it was around RMB 30 per dish. They also do sell economical dishes like noodle soup at RMB 25 per bowl. Do note that a lot of dishes are done using gluten. Famous Dish: Vegetarian Bun

Location: 老城隍庙百翎路23号, Near Yu Yuan


Opening Hrs: 6am - 8pm

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Inflight Meal - Air Asia Budget Airline

Im not particular about inflight meals usually as I would normally doze off by the time the plane takes off. In addition, most planes do not offer quality vegetarian options most of the time. The only airline that has won me over is Singapore Airlines. Nonetheless, due to the fact that Im always travelling on budget, there isnt any food provided on budget flights unless you have specially requested for it.
During my recent trip to Bali, I've noted that there are quite a number of vegetarian options on air asia, which made me want to try them out. Hence on my flight back, I tried one of the meals offered.

Air Asia Menu

*Do note that not all veg meals are available at the same time. Depends on Flight*

Vegetarian Fried Rice with satay $5 (RM 9)

The fried rice tasted normal, but a little spicy and oily. Comprises of capicums, mushrooms and chili. As for the Satay, it was quite well marinated and pan-fried. Aint too bad in my opinion, as the chicken is the usual "盐酥鸡" that we can find at most veg stalls. It is then marinated with curry powder and spicies. I personally liked this satay, except they do not have any satay sauce to go with.
Price wise, a little on the high side, if you compare with tze char places, but could at least curb your hunger pangs for a while. Anyway, the point to note would be that if your flight is delayed, do request for the food early as they would usually run out.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Angels Bistro @ Raffles Place

This is contributed by clare sis. One of the days she went with wendy cousin & her colleague. From the information I've gotten, this place has been around for a couple of months and it has seen a healthy flow of customers during lunch hours. I guess you wouldnt have known this is vegetarian until you see the menu, as the name of the restaurant doesn't suggest it, which is good, as some people tend to shun the moment they see the word "Vegetarian". This place serves quite a range of organic vegetarian/vegan food mainly for the working crowd.
Ramen Set Meal $9

Angels Bistro has 2 special meal sets that is available daily. Each meal set comes with a main and sides. Wasn't too bad, as the soup is clear and sweet. Served with vegetables, carrots, corn and veg dumplings. The ramen was well cooked and chewy as well.
Yam Beehoon

This is a signature dish from the restaurant and is available daily. If you are into Yam, this is definitely suitable for you! Soup is yam-based and from the look of this, it does looked like our normal fishhead beehoon soup!

Tahu Goreng $4

This is quite a common dish this can be found, but the most important thing here is the sauce. The tasty tangy peanut sauce drenched the beancurd that was resting beside the shredded veggies & beansprouts. Aint too bad, except that it was a little pricy incomparison to other places selling this.

Other than that, Angels Bistro provides good service and the waiters/waitress are willing to share what food is recommended. Other that set meals, they also serve ala carte dishes like Tom Yum Seafood, Ba Kut Teh and laksa on certain days. I was told that the laksa is a must try, since they do not use coconut milk which is unhealthy.
Most of the dishes served are vegan except for certain western dishes which you may need to enquire more, as they may use cream. I would definitely try out this place some day!
Location: 28 Stanley Street,
Tel: +65 6220 4344
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri: 7.30am – 4.30pm (Closed on Sat & Sun, Public Holidays)