Thursday, July 24, 2008

Grandcourt Vegetarian Restaurant


One thing recommendable about grandcourt is that it is the only Halal certified vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. One of my ex-coll told that though vegetarian food does not contain meat, some do contain rice wine, which they cannot consume. Hence you may bring them there. Items include soup, noodles, rice, curry etc. Of course, they also have the normal ala carte items. Do call up before you go!

Location: Hotel Royal @ Queens, 12 Queen Street #02-03, Singapore 188553

Tel : 6238 5085

Fax : 6238 5302

Opening Hours:Weekdays, Weekends, Public Holidays:11.30 am-2.30 pm5.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Friday, July 18, 2008

Eight Immortals @ Koufu Toa Payoh

Eight Immortals is almost everywhere in the major shopping or interchanges. My personal favourite is still the one at Toa Payoh. The Yong Tau Foo never disappoints!

Yong Tau Foo $3.50

I've always loved this as a meal as it is light, and soupy, aint too oily as well. Some places do have it, but the soup is always oily. This stall sells really good Yong Tau Foo and its definitely worth a try if you are there. There are also Tze Char or Mixed Veg. Rice options available.

Location: Koufu @ Toa Payoh Interchange, 2nd Floor

Opening Hours: Till 9pm

Saturday, July 5, 2008

North South East West Vegetarian Cafe *MOVED*

*Moved to Katong!*
Recently I had a birthday dinner there with my sisters and cousin. Thank you clare sis for the treat! I used to complain that Parkway Parade is a vegetarian unfriendly place as there isn't much selection. Now that with this new cafe in view, I think I wouldn't mind going to PP more often since I'm an Easterner. This is 2nd outlet opened by Porridge King *粥大王. The food served at the cafe is slightly different from those at porridge king. Here, they serve Fusion Cusine.

Cheezy Pork Chop $6.80
The pork patty is homemade and pan fried. I thought the patty was good, as it is homemade, and you cannot get from those ready made types sold at supermarkets. It was then topped with a special sauce and cheese and baked. The unique thing is, most vegetarian meats taste tangy and hard after baking, but not for this patty, as it was still crispy on the outside, soft on the inside! The outlook is almost the same as the mexican steak which I adore. Taste wise, its different. Now I can decide if I want steak or pork for dinner!
Volcano Curry Ramen $3.00

This dish is also available at Porridge King. Clare has earlier told me that it is really spicy, as my BIL whole face was red eating it. Hence I wanted to give it a try. True to its name, it is really spicy but tasty at the same time. So I'm going to rate the spicy level at 8/10. Clare was asking the boss if it was spicy the other time, but the boss commented "No, but you might tear a little". Ingredients wise, there are brocolli, tau pok, mushroom ball and beancurd. Overall, not too bad, and it made me miss the Curry Ramen @ Sunflower. So this is a good alternative if you are missing the famous Curry Ramen @ Sunflower.

Hainanese Beef Noodles $5.50

Sunnietart ordered this dish as she loves soupy food. Her comment was that the soup was only so-so, but ingredients are adequate. Noodles are chewy and authentic, but LDF still sells the best Beef Noodles so far.

Satay Bee Hoon $4.80

The presentation of this dish was good. Taste wise, it was blend. I prefer the satay bee hoon I had at Haig Road. I thought the corn was kind of misplaced in this dish. Price is a little too high for such few ingredients. Perhaps the sauce could be improved further, so that they can sell satay too!

Black Pepper Mushroom Noodle (Ban Mian) $4.80

This noodles is served with soup so you can save the money on drinks. I quite like the noodle as the sauce is good. Ingredients wise, not unique as it is almost the same as the dishes above. Nonetheless, serving is large and can be shared.
Sides - Prawn Dipper $5.00
I thought the prawn dipper was a U-shaped dish, but was quite surprised it was fried dumpling. A sumputous side dish, where the ingredients comprises of vegetarian prawns, but it is a little pricy for 6 dumplings.

All in all, this is a good place located near parkway and some items are still affordable in this high costs year. You may also choose to sit outside the cafe to enjoy a little breeze at night.

Location: 200 Tanjong Katong Road

Opening Hours: 11am till 9.30pm (Last Order), Closed on Mondays

Tel: 81000049


Friday, July 4, 2008

Ah Gu Snacks (Bedok 211)

Another recommendation by Sunnietart. I wouldnt have noticed this stall if not for sunnietart as it is hid in a corner of the coffeeshop. If you are staying in the East area, this is a place where you can go for some vegetarian light snacks like Chee Chong Fun etc.

Chee Chong Fun & Yam Cake $1.40

This is my favourite combination for a breakfast. The chee chong fun has a soft texture and the yam cake is not too tangy. Sauce tasted perfect!

Steamed Glutinous Rice

Full of ingredients and the taste is just right, not too saltish!

Other items include Buns, curry puffs, Siew Mai etc. There is a "vegetarian" label on top of the steamer.
Location: Blk 211 Bedok Interchange, S21 Coffeeshop
Opening Hours: 7pm - 8pm

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Veggie Stall @ Blk 216 Bedok

Apologies for the late updates! I am trying very hard to collate all the pictures to blog for the month. Anyway, as I was away, and coping with my new work, I didn't realise that my blog has been stagnant for 1 month! Sorry about it. Much to my surprise, my visitor count has gone past 10k! Thank you soo much people! I will try to update as much as possible, now that I've relocated.
This veggie stall which I am going to talk about locates at Blk 216 in Bedok. However, the sad thing is, the stall will only reopen end of the year as I just found out that the whole hawker centre is under renovation, and will only reopen by end of the year. Nonetheless, Im sure you will go there for the good porridge next time.

Ginko Nut Brown Rice Porridge $2.50

Picture taken from yebber**

This porridge consists of a generous serving of ginko nuts, red dates, peanuts, sweet corn, vegetarian ham and fresh mushroom, making it taste heavenly. I like it as there are a lot of ginko nuts, which are expensive in the market. Hence, $2.50 is definitely a good buy!

Location: Bedok North Stall 344
Opening Hours: 7am - 2pm