Sunday, February 21, 2010

Macau - Shanghai Yuen Vegetarian (上海缘素菜馆)

Another of my Macau update is this place - my favourite out of all those I've gone to! Thanks to gaga again for introducing this place. We went there for dinner just before we fly back to Home.
We ordered the set meal as it was much cheaper in comparison. The set meal comprises of 5 dishes.

Sweet & Sour Pork

Quite a common dish that we can find at home as well.

Kofu & Fish combi - Cold Dish

These 2 are cold dishes (冷菜) whereby it is very common for most shanghai dishes to have. We chose fish & kofu. Kofu (烤麸) is a very common dish in Shanghai. It is basically made from gluten and marinated in soy sauce. Quite chewy but it goes get jerlak if you eat too much of it. I only got to know this dish when I was working in Shanghai previously. Anyway most people may not be used to cold dishes but it wasn't too bad to try authentic shanghai dishes once in a while.

Bak Choy with Bacon

Really well cooked bak choy that it was really soft even the stem portion!

Lemon Chicken

Chicken cutlets dipped in batter and deep fried, then served with honey lemon sauce. Tasted crispy and the sauce was good.

Corn Sauce Prawns

I can't remember the taste of this, but the corn sauce certainly tasted like corn soup which I adore!~

Other than the set meal, we also ordered 2 more dishes.

Xiao long Soup Dumpling

I've always been looking for a vegetarian version of the Shanghai dumpling (小龙汤包) and was happy to be able to finally sample one from this place. In SG, most people would eat at Ding Tai Fung or other chinese dim sum places. Sadly lingzhi doesnt serve this. The skin thin, but chewy. One bite into the dumpling whizzes out the soup. It is mainly made of mock meat, but totally blown me away!

Wanton Soup

Normal dumpling soup with some veg inside.

Diet: Lacto-ovo, some dishes contain milk,egg

Location: Rua de Marques de Oliveir 66 G/F 柯利維喇街66號 (at 近渡船街美心餅點)

Tel: 853-28358338

Do note that they are closed before 6 with the shutters down, hence if you are heading over for dinner, do not go before 6, as you may think its closed!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Macau - Vegetarian Farm (田耕阁素食馆)

Ahoy folks! Happy Chinese New Year! My apologies for the lack of posts as I do have a lot of backlog on hand. Just got back from my Biz trip in china and finally had the chance to sit down and blog on food overseas. For the next few posts, I will blog on places in Macau (continued from my Macau Trip previously) and also places in Beijing and Shanghai.
A pity that I've yet gone to other new food outlets in Singapore since I was out of town. Anyway, thank you for your support and I wish everyone a very happy new year and a wonderful year ahead!
Back to this restaurant, it is located opposite one of the old guan yin temple in Macau.
Decor is pretty simple and follows that of a traditional one. We had a heavy lunch before heading to Macau for shopping.

Wantons MOP 16

As sunnietart was in a wanton mode, we wanted to try if there were any better wantons available. This wasnt too bad, but too much skin. Hence I coudnt remember how the ingredients tasted like. One thing interesting was that the skin was quite special as it was very crispy and not the normal wanton skin that we get from markets here.

Green Veg

Cant see the leaf here, but tastes really fresh!

Braised Tofu

Comprises of Tofu Skin, green peas and Lotus nuts. Gravy was good with rice.

Dongpo Meat With Yam

This dish is made with konnyaku and yam in a special homemade sauce. I love the yam!

Location: Avenida Coronel Mesquita No. 11 M Ka Wa Kok, Macau

Tel: 2875 2824/ 2875 3011/ 2835 3816