Thursday, April 24, 2008

Johor Bahru - Fu Lin Xuan Vegetarian (福临轩) *SHIFTED*


Below is a review provided by irene. Thanks so much for the info babe!

She went to JB with her aunt and ate at this restaurant which is located near to Pelangi Shopping Centre. The pictures looked so appetising that I feel like going soon as well! Anyone keen?

Crispy Duck RM10

Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. The chef is also very generous on the sesame, loads of them making it really fragrant. You can never find a cheap duck in sg!

Steam Fish RM 12

Loads of ingredients in this dish. Mostly made by tao kee. Tastes good with rice as the sauce is a little saltish.

Cereal Abalone Mushroom RM 12

Irene says nothing can be compared to the one sold at loke wor yuen. As it is still the best. The mushroom pieces are also too little here.

Mixed Vegetables Soup RM 13

A little ex for this soup, as there's only vegetables, tofu, carrots and tao kee!

Hot & Spicy Tofu RM8

Making me drool just by the nice colours! I guess I can eat with 2 bowls of rice with this alone!

Stir-Fried Vegetables RM8

Very fresh Spinach that is not over-cooked and not too oily! Sedap~

This is the restaurant Menu. All in all, it is not bad a place to go in JB. Remember, in order to save the earth, the first step is to adopt the right diet!

Location: 174, Jalan Sri Pelangi,Taman Pelangi (behind Pelangi Plaza), Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tel: (60)73310323

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bangkok - Tamarind @ MBK

Tamarind Cafe was one of the most recommended places by reviewers online. However my BKK trip was too short for me to enjoy the food. Nonetheless, my sis went to the tamarind express outlet located in MBK (5th floor Asian Food Centre) and tried the food.

Pat Thai

*Picture taken from Clare's blog

A pity that I did not get to taste my favourite Thai Food of all moments - Pat Thai. This vegetarian version is tantalising, perfect with the fresh beansprouts. It looked appealing too~

There are lots of reviews from happycow as well.

In any case you are in MBK shopping, there are 3 places where you can find food: Nova Kitchen located on the 6th Floor, Food Court also at 6th Floor or Tamarind Express (Sandwiches etc) @ 5th Floor. Price: Unknown.


1. Express outlet: 444 Phayathai Rd, MBK/Tokyu Department Store 5th floor (10330) (at BTS National Stadium) ; Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm

2. Original Cafe: Sukhumvit Soi 20, Bangkok (300M on the left from Sukhumvit Road.)


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bangkok - Chijuya Vegetarian (千寿屋)

After much reviews from the vegetarian society website, I have finally embarked on this trip so that we can go and eat at this place. Much to my surprise, the chefs in this restaurants are all local Thais. Food was beyond my description as this is the first time I felt so happy in a wholly vegetarian Japanese restaurant! Even blogging about it is making me drool already.

This is the front view of the restaurant and the BIG poster below shows the food pictures. *DROOL*

My dad ordered this Donburi where it includes BBQ Prawns and Vegetables in special sauce.

The usual Inari which is normal as you can find it easily in Singapore. I did not really like the colour of the beancurd skin as it was not the usual colour I see.

The Sashimi was quite a disappointment as it was almost tasteless. I guess the best place for vegetarian Sashimi is still Taiwan....Im impressed with the display though.

Yakitori is made with vegetarian soy-based meat and carrots. Tasted very good, and I think Deli-veg might want to opt for this version instead.

The baked potato cheese is well-cooked as the cheese melts in your mouth.

This is the most special kind of sushi as the "skin" is made from Yam instead of your normal seaweed. Having made sushi before, I think this is a very difficult dish as you have to cook, mash the yam into paste before wrapping the ingredients in.

My Cousin ordered this dish and commented that the noodles was good. There are also Abalone slices on the sides.

My favourite was Tempura Prawns as they tasted perfect with the sauce. I do hope Sakae sushi has this someday!

Sunnietart ordered the Miso Udon and is still craving for it today!

Cost wise, we ordered 5 set meals and 9 side dishes which cost a total of 1900BHT.. which is nearly $100 and I think its still worth it!

All in all, the location might be far from the city, but it does not cost more than 100BHT if you go by cab meter. Just that most cabs do not want to on their meters. One of the MUST go restaurant if you do visit Bangkok!

Location: Fifty-Fifth Plaza (Sukhumvit 55), Thong Lor Soi 2, 2nd floor
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: 02 259 6466
*Only a short 5 min walk from BTS stop in Thong Lor

Monday, April 7, 2008

Bangkok - Platinum Mall Food Court

The Platinum Fashion Mall a really BIG shopping in Pratunum, which specializes in fashion clothes and accessories retail and wholesale. It is a six-storey complex with numerous number of small little shops on each and every level.
If you are planning to shop for the whole day, do not worry as there is a vegetarian stall available in the food court located on the 6th Floor.

Mixed-Veg Rice

The Mix-Veg Rice offers similar dishes in most stalls in Bangkok. My favourite is non other than the stir-fry mushroom steam (Right in the pic). It is really chewy and cooked in a very special way. Too bad we don't have such a dish in Singapore. I can eat it every single meal!

Mixed Vegetables

There is also another dish which is very good - the stir fry mixed veg with tung hun. I ordered this plate as I was still craving for more mushroom stem too! heh!

Tom Yum Noodle Soup

I'm normally not a fan of Tom Yum. But since we are in the sunny City of Thailand, it is a must to try! There is Tom Yum Soup or Normal soup available from the vegetarian stall. You may also choose your type of noodle. My cousin ate the Pat Thai Glass noodle, while I tried the Thin Yellow Noodles. Soup wise: Spicy but quite saltish. I like it, as it does not have a smelly tom yum taste which you get in SG. It is more like 酸辣 (Spicy Sour) soup. Ingredients is a lot! Still, if you are scard of the spicyness, take the normal soup then~

Fried Noodle

In Thailand, the fried noodles is normally fried kway tiao, which is quite wierd. But anyway, it has loads of vegetables, straw mushrooms, beancurd and carrots in the dish that you can hardly see the flour. Perhaps thats why the people are small sized, they eat more vege than carbo!

Anyway, do not miss this stall if you do visit Platinum Mall!

Location: Bangkok, Pratunum

Platinum Mall, 6th Floor Food Court.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bangkok - Nova Kitchen

Hi folks, sorry for the wait as I was in Bangkok last weekend. As promised, I will take as many pictures as possible and give you more insights about the vegetarian food available in the sunny city of Bangkok.
Vegetarian food in Bangkok is awesome! It is generally not difficult to find and most shopping centres do have a vegetarian stall available.
Today I will introduce Nova Kitchen, which is located in MBK (Mabunkrong "มาบุญครอง") Centre itself. It is easy to go there via Taxis or Skytrain. You may alight at Bangkok Skytrain (BTS) and walk there.

Nova Kitchen is located on the 6th floor. It is a small open-styled cafe that offers a vegetarian menu. So we ordered 4 dishes and sharksfin soup with rice.

This is the poster on the wall showing all the vegetarian dishes. There were more in the menu. hee.

Thai Fish Cake

The Thai Fish Cake is very spicy, but I liked it. It doesn't taste my our chewy white fish cake, but more meaty kind of taste. The usage of Thai spice is a little too much that my father and sunnietart didn't really like. I like it with sweet plum sauce as it is really authentic and unique.

Black Pepper Steak
The black pepper steak doesn't really look like "steak" as it was cut into pieces and cooked with chopped cucumbers, capsicums and carrots. A pity as I was not able to "taste" the tiny pieces of meat.
Sharkfin Soup

This tasted quite normal, with mushrooms, tofu and the fake "sharksfin" as ingredients. Can be comparable with those in SG.

Stir Fried Vegetables

This was way too saltish and had to be eaten with rice. Other than that, the standard was still quite ok and average. Remember to ask if less salt if you do order this dish!

Steamed Tofu with Pork Floss

My favourite dish of the day is the tofu. This is exactly the same as the "cold tofu" sold at LDF (see my previous review of LDF here) except that this dish is served hot. The sauce tasted good for the plain tofu. I'm still patiently waiting for LDF to reopen (which I heard would be in Chinatown). Please let me know if you have any news!

*Overall, the food at Nova Kitchen is considered normal and average. I'm happy enough to be able to find food in a foreign land! I guess the only thing to note is that, if you are a picky vegetarian, Nova Kitchen may not be the place for you as it does serve meat as well. In this case, proceed to the food court opposite for pure vegetarian food served from the stall.

Location: MBK Centre, 6th Floor, Opposite Bird Nest Shop