Monday, April 7, 2008

Bangkok - Platinum Mall Food Court

The Platinum Fashion Mall a really BIG shopping in Pratunum, which specializes in fashion clothes and accessories retail and wholesale. It is a six-storey complex with numerous number of small little shops on each and every level.
If you are planning to shop for the whole day, do not worry as there is a vegetarian stall available in the food court located on the 6th Floor.

Mixed-Veg Rice

The Mix-Veg Rice offers similar dishes in most stalls in Bangkok. My favourite is non other than the stir-fry mushroom steam (Right in the pic). It is really chewy and cooked in a very special way. Too bad we don't have such a dish in Singapore. I can eat it every single meal!

Mixed Vegetables

There is also another dish which is very good - the stir fry mixed veg with tung hun. I ordered this plate as I was still craving for more mushroom stem too! heh!

Tom Yum Noodle Soup

I'm normally not a fan of Tom Yum. But since we are in the sunny City of Thailand, it is a must to try! There is Tom Yum Soup or Normal soup available from the vegetarian stall. You may also choose your type of noodle. My cousin ate the Pat Thai Glass noodle, while I tried the Thin Yellow Noodles. Soup wise: Spicy but quite saltish. I like it, as it does not have a smelly tom yum taste which you get in SG. It is more like 酸辣 (Spicy Sour) soup. Ingredients is a lot! Still, if you are scard of the spicyness, take the normal soup then~

Fried Noodle

In Thailand, the fried noodles is normally fried kway tiao, which is quite wierd. But anyway, it has loads of vegetables, straw mushrooms, beancurd and carrots in the dish that you can hardly see the flour. Perhaps thats why the people are small sized, they eat more vege than carbo!

Anyway, do not miss this stall if you do visit Platinum Mall!

Location: Bangkok, Pratunum

Platinum Mall, 6th Floor Food Court.