Friday, October 15, 2010

素GOOD Veg Stall @ Raffles Place *CLOSED DOWN*

Rejoice! Vegetarians who are working at the Raffles Place area, there is a new veg stall operating at the Mei Hua Foodcourt at the golden shoe carpark. Is written as 素Good which I would interpret it as Vegetarian Good. Something really good about this is that this is not your typial mixed vegetables economical rice stall, but a place where each and every set meal is cooked on the spot and served pipping hot!
Also, there are pamphlets available to create more awareness.

Hotplate Tofu with Rice $6

All dishes is served with a bowl of rice and the serving is quite big. Clare ordered this hotplate tofu. Comprises of lots of vegetables and tofu and served with an egg on the bottom of the hot plate. This is similar to the dishes available at most tze char places. The gravy goes really well with rice and wasn't too saltish as well. If you are a small eater, this plate alone can serve 2 people. For vegans do let them know that you do not take eggs.
TomYum Vermicelli Soup $4
I was craving for something soupy so decided to try a vemicelli soup and they gave me a choice of clear, herbal and tomyum soup to choose. I decided on tom yum. Aint too bad, as there are many vegetables in the soup. I like the texture of the vemicelli as this is not the type that would dry up the yummy soup. May not be your thai version of tom yum, as this soup was made from the tomyum base, but it does create a sizzle in me.
A pretty interesting concept and its good to see crowds. The only drawback is that the waiting time may be a little long for rushing workaholics. Do go early on prayer days, which is the 1st and the 15th of the lunar month. I certainly want to try other dishes on my next visit. Let me know if you want to join me for a lunch!
Location: 50, Market Street Stall # 9, Meihua Food Court, 01-32 Golden Shoe Carpark
Opening Hours: Daily till late afternoons, Closed on weekends

Monday, October 4, 2010

Yuet Sum Hin @ Malaysia (KL)

This is a post contributed by Choon Soon. Thanks Choon Soon! He has travelled to KL and ate at this place which does serve quite recommendable dishes. So if you do travel to KL, this is somewhere you can go!
This place is located at a relatively quiet street on the road exit off Four Season Hotel and in between the Eu Yan Sang Building and Berjaya Times Square. I personally been there twice and one of the food that my friends and I like most is the Ma Po Tofu (Spicy Tofu).

Mapo Tofu

It has a different flavour as what we ate in Singapore most of the time. In Singapore, the spiciness of the dish comes from chilli flakes where as in this restaurant, I think it actually comes from curry powder and hence the colour. This is the top dish I would recommend in this store. Goes well with rice!

Buttered Mushrooms

Another dish will actually be the Butter Mushrooms. The texture and its taste is actually like cereal mushrooms but it is done without it and the curry leaves are really fragrant. However it would not be suitable for vegans. If you are a keen and avid lover of mushrooms, not too bad, but can be fattening.

Spicy Assorted Mushrooms
The last dish I ordered will be Spicy Assorted Mushrooms. Well, it is a bit of spiciness but what I am really looking into are its mushrooms, and this is the wet version comparied to the earlier fried ones.

Other recommended dishes are: Kang Kong, Seaweed Soup and Fried Dumplings.

I did not manage to take down the price of each dish, but it is still quite affordable as it only cost around SGD$5 to SGD$6 per pax for 4 of us and we ordered 3 dishes and 1 soup with rice. It also comes with side dishes like braised peanuts and also served with tea and wet tissue. I personally think it is one of the few places that charges reasonable rates in KL so far.

No.8 Jalan 1/77B, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah off Jalan Pudu (55100 Kuala Lumpur)

Tel: 03-2148 4681

Thanks Choon Soon! I look forward to your next review soon.