Sunday, May 31, 2009

Veggie Buns @ Bedok *CLOSED DOWN*

Im very upset that this stall is gone.. this is one of the best confectionary stall I've tried. Please let me know if you have any idea where they moved or re-opened!

Hi all, apologies for the late post.. I've finally managed to take a pic of the breads before munching on it. heehee. As mentioned earlier, this confectionary stall (note: it is just a stall operated inside a coffeeshop, NOT a shop on its own) is currently my favourite as compared to the one at rochor. Perhaps its because of the size of the breads. Miumiu, finally answering to your question. heh.

Assorted breads (Any 3 for $1)

This stall is located in one of the coffee shops in bedok. It is not near the interchange but is relatively well known as the breads are always sold out, and you may have to wait a couple of hours for them to bake. There are multiple flavours available like: Curry, Potato Mayo, Egg Mayo, Ham, Pizza, etc. The size of the bread is around 8cm long only. Hence for breakfast, 3 little buns (with different flavours) with coffee tastes perfect. What i like about the breads here is its softness and it does not harden overnight as well. I'll buy 30 breads at one go for only $10! Thats really very affordable if you have guests at home. The curry puffs are also very cripsy at the same rate. If you are not into mock meats, the red bean bun or coconut buns are great alternatives too. Do be there early (7-8AM) to grab them before they are gone!

*Suitable for Lacto-ovo vegetarians, contain dairy ingredients.

If you find bedok too far, there are places like NSEW vegetarian or Rice House selling breads from Suya as well.

Location: Blk 510 Bedok North St 3, inside coffeeshop, beside a vegetarian food stall. (located opposite the wet market)

Opening hours: 7am - 5pm

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Xie Bi An Vegetarian Delights (谢必安素食)

Was there with my parents a couple of weeks back for dinner. We wanted to try something new though we were initially there for the food at Blk 829 (Yuan Man Veg). I've seen the news of this stall in the veg. society forum hence we went to try the food here. Similar to 829, they offer quite a wide range of tze char selection, combining both western and chinese cuisines. Prices start from $3.

Chicken Cutlet Rice

My mum ordered this dish as she has always adored western food. Portion is big and can be shared between two. The chicken fried with mixed batter and bread crumbs is quite tasty as well. I guess this mock meat cannot go any wrong as it comes from those vegetarian food suppliers. Hence wherever we eat, the meat mostly tastes the same except for the mixed batter. Gravy is vital in this case. However, I could not taste the gravy on the rice as it was quite blend. You would need to eat it on the spot as the chicken cutlets turn soggy quite fast. Overall, the dish is okay, but doesnt leave much of an impression.

Claypot Rice

All along i've adored claypot rice due to the crispy rice at the end. However, this seems like a fried rice served in claypot instead. Rice is tastefully fried with veg,mock meats and then served. Quite a disappointment as it wasn't the real claypot rice i've anticipated. You may just order fried rice instead and it costs cheaper as it's served on a plate.

Soup $3

This is my favorite dish of the day. Brewed for hours with corn, carrots and radish, making it really sweet and you may just eat it with plain rice. It reminds me of the soup at loving hut.

We also ordered the hong kong noodles which was overcooked. Hence it did not taste as well in comparison with Yuan Man.

All in all, as this stall is faced with strong competition with the stall at 829, they would need to quickly innovate and sell something special. I have yet tried their ban mian or roti prata as it does not seem to be available in the evenings. Nonetheless, food is still okay and hopefully it does survive overtime.

Location: Blk 828, Tampines Street 81

Tel: 9427 6003/ 9006 4438

Opening Hours: 7am to 10Pm

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eastern Highland Healthy Cake House (东山健康西饼屋)

I've been trying to write on a couple of vegetarian confectionaries in Singapore. However each time I go, I always forget to take down the pictures. haha. Thanks to miumiu once again, for contributing to this blog!

This is one of the vegetarian confectionary that has been around for quite some time. To date, I understand that there are 2 located in the East (One is Suya @ Ubi and the other is a breadstall located in Bedok) and also, thanks to irene, there is one at Blk 356 in Hougang. If you have any pictures etc, do send them to me too!

Anyway on eastern, it is located at Rochor Centre, which is just opposite the Bugis MRT. It sells eggless cakes and breads suitable for vegetarian and vegans.
Bacon Cheese Bread (培根芝士面包) $1

This shop does have a wide variety of breads ranging from Ham, Pork Floss, Curry Potato and pizza etc. The starting price is around $1 each.

(Eggless breads)

The other day sunnietart brought back some curry bun but I thought it was quite spicy for me. Moreover, I think the breads are a little hard as well. This could be due to it being eggless? Perhaps I prefer the ones at Bedok (to be posted soon!) All in all, it is very encouraging to see a lot more vegetarian confectionaries opening up in Singapore as we build into a greener and more vegetarian friendly country!

Location: 1Rocher Road, #01-510 Rocher Centre, Singapore 180001
Tel: 6294 6932

Block 134, Geylang East Ave 1
Singapore 381134, Beside Kuan Yin Zhai

Opening Hous: Till 9+PM

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recipe - Pad Thai

Each time I visit the Thai Tze Char at geylang, I'll always order pad thai as it is my all time favourite. Hence here's my own version.

Pad Thai (Serving: 1-2)

100g - Rice Noodle, soak in warm water until soft, drain
1pc - Beancurd, sliced
2pc - Ham, Sliced
2pc - Straw Mushroom, halved
1 Egg
1 Pc - Cabbage, sliced
1 Bunch - Beansprouts

1 tbsp - Palm Sugar
1 tbsp - Soya Sauce
1 tbsp - Tamarind Sauce
1/2 pc - Lime
1/4 cup - Water
2 tbsp -Oil
1 tsp - Chili Powder
1 tsp - Roasted Peanut (Ground)

1. Heat oil over low heat, add in beancurd and fry till slight golden brown
2. Add in Cabbage, ham, mushroom and water and fry till cabbage soften
3. Add in Egg, stir rapidly until it becomes scrambled
4. Add in Rice Noodle together with rest of the seasoning
5. When noodles becomes softened and translucent, switch off the gas
6. Serve with peanuts, chili powder,lime and raw beansprouts.

You may get most of the ingredients at the Thai Supermarket located in Goldenmile Complex.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Loving Hut @ Parklane

I've earlier blogged about loving hut @ Suntec and I'm a frequent customer of this outlet. As for the parklane outlet, I've never been there, but heard that business is brisk too. Here's miumiu's contribution from the parklane outlet.
Parklane Mall is just besides Paradiz Centre and you could easily recognize the store along the Selegie road. The nearest MRT station is Dhoby Ghaut. Note: some of the dishes do contain onion or garlic. If you don’t consume, you should mention when ordering.
Lemongrass Curry Rice Set $5.80

This dish I ordered is a set meal, which comes with rice and soup. You can also choose to order the main dish, which costs only $4.50 (just the bowl of curry). The plate of brown rice comes with curry brinjal (aka eggplant), which is not a fixed side vegetable for this dish, depending on what they are cooking on that day. I must compliment that their brinjal is well cooked. As for the curry, it is not so fragrant. However, it does compliment with the rice. Comprises of some potato chunks and vegetarian mutton meat.

Loving hut's soup is one of the best I've tried. It also consists of carrots, corns, melon and some vegetable. Overall, it’s definitely worth trying.

Pumpkin Soup $3.80

The soup is quite blend and I think that the herb (not the coriander) is also unnecessary for it. It doesn’t add to the taste but spoil the flavor of the soup.

Thanks miumiu for your contribution!


1. 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall,Sky Garden #03-016, Tower 2, S 038983; Tel: 65 6238 6755; Opening Hours: Till 9+PM daily

2. Parklane Shopping Mall, 35 Selegie Road #01-07, Singapore 188307
Opening Hours: Till 9+PM daily

3. Block 161, Bukit Merah Central, #01-3725, next to POSB; Tel: 6377 4354


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Recipe - Stir Fried Longevity Noodles

It was mother's day and I was in charged of food. So I cooked this longevity noodles for the mothers.
Stir Fried Longevity Noodles (Serving: 10)


Eggs - 3 (omit this if you are a vegan)

Cai Xin (Green Veg) - 1 Pack (Cut)

Mushroom - 5 (Soaked and sliced)

Longevity Noodles - 2 Packs (boiled and cooled)

Bai Ye Tofu - 1 Block (Sliced)


1. Bring a pot of water to boil (Water must be enough for 2 packs of noodles). Place noodles in the pot and cook for 2-3mins. Once cooked, the noodles will soften. Remove from pot, drain and soak in cold water. Drain and let it cool for later use.

2. Beat the eggs, adding in a teaspoon of soya sauce and sesame oil. Heat up a little oil in the wok and spread the egg mixture evenly. Fry it omlette style. Once done, remove it from the wok for later use.

3. The next step is frying of noodles. Add in the mushrooms and stir till fragrant. Next, add in the tofu. Add in pepper and a little veg. oyster sauce. Add a little water and fry for 30 sec. Next, add in the green veg, followed by the noodles. The noodles is saltish by itself. Hence just add a tablespoon of vegetarian oyster sauce and pepper will do. Stir fry until the the vegetables are cooked.

4. Lastly, cut the cooked egg omlette into stripes and garnish on top of the noodles. You may add some chili stripes and coriander for better presentation too.

End Product:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Yuan Man Vegetarian (缘满素食)

I've always thought that it is such a blessing to be staying in Tampines as it is growing into a much more vegetarian friendly place with lots of cafes and tze char stalls coming into action, it would be much better if any ONE of the three malls has 1 stall available. Thanks to clare's recommendation, this is my 2nd visit to this place as I normally have to recee before introducing to my parents who are picky eaters. Well, my efforts did not go to waste as I promised my mum the Kway Chap is a good cheap meal u can never get elsewhere in the Eastern side of SG!

Kway Chap $2

I ate this during my recee session with WJ the other night before heading to Ho's place for our fav. pastime. Anyway, this Kway Chap did not disappoint as the soup is tasty and you could feel that the beancurd and Tao Pok are stewed for a long time making it really juicy. I wouldnt say this is the best kway chap in sg as I've yet tasted at every single place, but this is no doubt one of the better ones available. Even WJ who is a non-veg kept stealing my tau pok despite the fact that she had her plate of meat hor fun in front of her. On our second visit, I recommended this to my mum and she loves it too. She finds it hard to believe that we can still find kway chap at this price ($2!!) as tampines is one of the growing towns with prices going up everyday.

Ginger Chicken Rice/ Ginger Fish Rice Set $3.50/set

I had wanted to try out the Tze Char but had to eat the set rice as mum wanted to try the kway chap badly. Nonetheless, the set rice did not disappoint. We ordered both the Ginger Chicken and Fish. The ingredients cooked in both sets are almost the same with green peas, carrots and capicums except that the meat patty are different. I like the sauce a lot as it blends well with the rice. Sauce should be a mix of veg. oyster sauce, pepper, dark soya sauce etc. Tastes really good and it is served piping hot in a small wok.

Stir fried Black Pepper Udon $3.50

I remember to have earlier blog on Yuan Xiang's Stir-fried Udon which I like. Now we have a competitor, at a cheaper price too. YX's udon costs $5 per plate. This is much cheaper and it tastes just as good too!

Other than the above, we ordered fish and chip as well, tastes quite normal, and a pity that i have forgotten to take that picture. In addition, I do see quite a lot of families eating the Tze Char as well. There are just too much to try out here that I would definitely be back again. They serve daily brewed soup like peanuts with lotus root soup that seem to be very popular. If you are going for more economic choices, you may eat the mixed vegetables rice as well, there are more than 20 dishes to choose from. The only con here is that the coffeeshop is always very packed with crowds and parking is limited too.

Note: Tze char is only available in the afternoon and they do catering as well.

Location: Blk 829, Tampines Street 81, #01-296, Singapore 520829

Operating Hours: 6AM to 9PM, Daily

Tel: Mr Peh, 94885622