Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eastern Highland Healthy Cake House (东山健康西饼屋)

I've been trying to write on a couple of vegetarian confectionaries in Singapore. However each time I go, I always forget to take down the pictures. haha. Thanks to miumiu once again, for contributing to this blog!

This is one of the vegetarian confectionary that has been around for quite some time. To date, I understand that there are 2 located in the East (One is Suya @ Ubi and the other is a breadstall located in Bedok) and also, thanks to irene, there is one at Blk 356 in Hougang. If you have any pictures etc, do send them to me too!

Anyway on eastern, it is located at Rochor Centre, which is just opposite the Bugis MRT. It sells eggless cakes and breads suitable for vegetarian and vegans.
Bacon Cheese Bread (培根芝士面包) $1

This shop does have a wide variety of breads ranging from Ham, Pork Floss, Curry Potato and pizza etc. The starting price is around $1 each.

(Eggless breads)

The other day sunnietart brought back some curry bun but I thought it was quite spicy for me. Moreover, I think the breads are a little hard as well. This could be due to it being eggless? Perhaps I prefer the ones at Bedok (to be posted soon!) All in all, it is very encouraging to see a lot more vegetarian confectionaries opening up in Singapore as we build into a greener and more vegetarian friendly country!

Location: 1Rocher Road, #01-510 Rocher Centre, Singapore 180001
Tel: 6294 6932

Block 134, Geylang East Ave 1
Singapore 381134, Beside Kuan Yin Zhai

Opening Hous: Till 9+PM