Monday, May 4, 2009

Yuan Man Vegetarian (缘满素食)

I've always thought that it is such a blessing to be staying in Tampines as it is growing into a much more vegetarian friendly place with lots of cafes and tze char stalls coming into action, it would be much better if any ONE of the three malls has 1 stall available. Thanks to clare's recommendation, this is my 2nd visit to this place as I normally have to recee before introducing to my parents who are picky eaters. Well, my efforts did not go to waste as I promised my mum the Kway Chap is a good cheap meal u can never get elsewhere in the Eastern side of SG!

Kway Chap $2

I ate this during my recee session with WJ the other night before heading to Ho's place for our fav. pastime. Anyway, this Kway Chap did not disappoint as the soup is tasty and you could feel that the beancurd and Tao Pok are stewed for a long time making it really juicy. I wouldnt say this is the best kway chap in sg as I've yet tasted at every single place, but this is no doubt one of the better ones available. Even WJ who is a non-veg kept stealing my tau pok despite the fact that she had her plate of meat hor fun in front of her. On our second visit, I recommended this to my mum and she loves it too. She finds it hard to believe that we can still find kway chap at this price ($2!!) as tampines is one of the growing towns with prices going up everyday.

Ginger Chicken Rice/ Ginger Fish Rice Set $3.50/set

I had wanted to try out the Tze Char but had to eat the set rice as mum wanted to try the kway chap badly. Nonetheless, the set rice did not disappoint. We ordered both the Ginger Chicken and Fish. The ingredients cooked in both sets are almost the same with green peas, carrots and capicums except that the meat patty are different. I like the sauce a lot as it blends well with the rice. Sauce should be a mix of veg. oyster sauce, pepper, dark soya sauce etc. Tastes really good and it is served piping hot in a small wok.

Stir fried Black Pepper Udon $3.50

I remember to have earlier blog on Yuan Xiang's Stir-fried Udon which I like. Now we have a competitor, at a cheaper price too. YX's udon costs $5 per plate. This is much cheaper and it tastes just as good too!

Other than the above, we ordered fish and chip as well, tastes quite normal, and a pity that i have forgotten to take that picture. In addition, I do see quite a lot of families eating the Tze Char as well. There are just too much to try out here that I would definitely be back again. They serve daily brewed soup like peanuts with lotus root soup that seem to be very popular. If you are going for more economic choices, you may eat the mixed vegetables rice as well, there are more than 20 dishes to choose from. The only con here is that the coffeeshop is always very packed with crowds and parking is limited too.

Note: Tze char is only available in the afternoon and they do catering as well.

Location: Blk 829, Tampines Street 81, #01-296, Singapore 520829

Operating Hours: 6AM to 9PM, Daily

Tel: Mr Peh, 94885622


Sunny said...

How to get here from tampines interchange? Far?

missveg said...

dear sunny,
its not far from tampines interchange.ard 4 stops, take bus 293. u should alight after st hildas