Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kwan Yin Zai Vegetarian @ Geylang

This stall has been in operation for the past 2 decades if i remember clearly. It is one of the best places for its cheap and good Laksa.
Went there one evening when sunnietart had a sudden craving.

Laksa $2

A really huge portion with lots of Tau Pok that is submerged in the sauce for hours, making it really juicy. The laksa gravy tastes just right, not too spicy with a strong aroma of coconut milk. There was even a discussion in the VSS forum that it is best to eat this in the afternoon when the gravy is freshly cooked, also it depends on your luck on that day too, as the laksa standard doesn't stay the same everyday. It is a pity that after so many years in operation and numerous changes in chefs, the standard of food here has dropped drastically. Well, for this price, I guess we couldn't complain much either.

Wantion/Springroll 2 for $1
I've always like trying springrolls and wanton outside as it is good to explore what is wrapped inside the skin. This wanton is wrapped with a mixture of veg meat, mushrooms and tofu, making it chewy and the springroll comprises of just turnip and carrots, quite normal. If you want really good wanton, Loving Hut and North South East West vege cafe ones are worth trying.
Other than laksa, there is one other stall selling mixed vegetable rice, and another selling yong tau foo. Many choices in one coffeeshop alone, so you wont be bored of the choices too!
Block 134, Geylang East Ave 1
Singapore 381134
Opening Hours: till 11PM
Tel : 6745 5702