Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yuan Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (缘缘素食斋)

Sawadeeka~ I'm still very much in love in Thai food ever since my trip to BKK in Feb and I am truely glad that we have a new Thai Tze Char stall opened right here in our homeland. This stall, as mentioned in the vegetarian society, is operated by a Thai local and the food on the menu reminds me of the happy days I have in BKK. So now that we have one here, I can stop going to BKK for a while. I sincerely hope to create more awareness on this so that the stall can sustain its business. Thanks to gwennie once again for accompanying me to try out! I even brought the menu home. See below for the scanned version.
The dishes available reminds of Kwan Imm JAE Vegetarian restaurant which I have posted earlier in BKK. In my personal opinion, one of the best ways to see if the chef is up to the mark is to order the common dish such as Tom Yum Soup and Pad Thai. True enough, these did not disappoint.

Tom Yum Soup $6

It is definitely authentic and brings me great satisfaction. In Thai, Tom Yum Koong actually refers to Hot and Sour Prawn soup. In the vegetarian version, they have included straw mushrooms, shumeiji mushrooms as well as some mock prawns. Soup is really sour and spicy. If you have a weak stomach, you may need to ask them to cut down on the chili mix.

Pad Thai $5

Pad Thai is not supposed to be spicy, but when mixed with the thai chili powder, I almost couldnt feel my lips after eating the entire dish. I love pad thai as it has a very unique taste of sweet and sourness. It is basically the traditional thai rice noodle cooked with tamarind sauce. The original version is served with raw beansprouts and cabbage. In this version, the beansprouts are fried together. I guess its more suitable for the local market. The ingredients comprises of some fried beancurd,mock squids,mock meat which I cannot identify and plentiful of beansprouts. It tastes perfect after mixing with the lime, crushed peanuts and chili powder. If you are not into chili padi, do not mix in the chili powder as it is really very spicy. Note: This should be a vegan version as it does not contain eggs.

This is the stall front, located in a coffeeshop just beside the famous he ji bao coffeeshop in Aljunid. There are only 2 stalls in this coffeeshop. Other than the stir fried and soup dishes, they too serve steamboat, also known as suki pot. Its a pity that the serving is too much for us, and I could not try the highly recommended papaya salad. I would love to come here more often in the next couple of weeks!

The menus~

Location: Yuan Yuan Restaurant, #45, Geylang Lorong 27
Opening Hours: Till 11 daily. Closed on Mondays


Sunny said...

Wow, the dishes sure look good!!!!
I like Pad Thai too & with the chilli powder!!!:P
Okay, I will find time to visit it.

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Nice to see new veg*n eatery, but can't understand why they love to group together at the same place, in that 2 lanes, about 4 veg*n eateries (very competitive) and elsewhere is so hard to find good eateries.

Look like all veg*n should stay at that side :p
Cheers :)
Cheers :)

Sagipan said...

ya thats right! there are 4 in that 2 lanes.. but i guess they cater to different tastes and crowds bah..i love being an east sider. haha.

Sanjeev Gupta said...

Tried this, thanks to your blog, on Vesak. Wide variety, excellent, smiling service. I am not Chinese, so at many food stalls ordering is a hit-and-miss affair, but not here.

The Papaya Salad was mind-blowing hot, as it should be.

Sagipan said...

yup yup it is still my no. 1!! I just ate there this afternoon and Im still HIGH. Mango salad.. SUPERB!!!!

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

After reading your post on this, I went there too. Good recommendation, the food is yummy and spicy .... just like for me.

Might want to travel all the way there to have Pad Thai ...

Thanks for the info : )

Alison said...

Hi there,

Been following your blog for updates on the veg food so as to bring my hubby who is a pure vegetarian to eat. went to this place and tried, the food was really good. cheap too. but the tom yam soup today, i didn't see any prawns in it. hmm.. i wonder why. anyway, thanks for the recommendation! ;)

inderjit said...

Is this place open as is stated temporary close on your blog. Please advice. I a avid thai fooder eater.

missveg said...

Hi Sindy,
I also hope its opened. Sadly, it is not. If you are also an avid fan like me, many thai places do have vegetarian menu available.

Gonza40 said...

I've been going to this outlet v often now. Love the green curry and deep fried chicken slices.

tehooi said...

Anyone know if they have reopened? And where? Drooling for spicy authentic Thai food... :-)~