Thursday, April 9, 2009

Silver Stream Vegetarian Food (银川素食香) - CLOSED DOWN

This stall has since CLOSED DOWN.
Hello all, i'm running out of places to write! Please help if you do have good recommendations in your area.. It would be great if we can have something from the North or the West area.
Anyway, clare has earlier mentioned about this place but she didnt manage to take down the stall name and intro more dishes. As mentioned, this stall is located right opposite the famous tze char stall in Ang Mo Kio (AMK). Since the Tze Char stall is going to be closed (in june) for renovation, you may go to this stall for the time being. There are basically 2 separate stalls in this coffee shop. One selling the mains - e.g. mixed veg rice, tze char, kway chap while the other sells just Rojak, popiah and pancakes.

Popiah $1.00

I love popiah to the core and this is so far the BEST I can find in SG. Earlier i've blogged about the popiah at circuit road being famous, but well well, this stall's popiah is truely heavenly. Comprises of Lettuce, Egg, Beansprouts, Veg Ham, and loads of turnip. Juicy and melts completely in your mouth. Do let them know if you do not take eggs though. The norm is to order the main from another stall and get 1 popiah as your side, that makes your meal complete!

Minced meat dried noodle $2.50

It seems like Bah Chor Mee is a popular dish in AMK as there are 3 places that people would go. 1 is the stall at Blk 128 called Mai Zhi Su (MZS), there is a stall near Ave 4,which i've yet to write about too, and then, there is silverstream. The noodles serving is big and comprises of fishballs, minced meat stew with mushrooms, topped with fresh lettuce. Noodles are chewy, but not as nice as MZS, as they use noodles of different texture. The soup however, is a disappointment as it was really tasteless. If you are keen to try better noodles and soup, MZS would not disappoint. Nonetheless, if you are not so picky, this noodles is good enough.

Also, there are plenty other choices available. E.g. Claypot Rice (which was highly advertised in the papers), Kway Chap and other tze char. You may refer to the earlier link provided by clare. Lastly, the popiah is a MUST try!

Location: Blk 226F Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 #01-697 S566226 (Silver Stream Coffee Shop)

Opening Hours: till 9pm

Tel: 9118 2963