Monday, March 23, 2009

Naive Cafe @ Katong

The other day me and my family went to this new cafe located at katong after Kumar's show. My cousin chanced upon this cafe from various reviews @ Hungrygowhere, hence we decided to try it out before introducing to people.
This cafe as the nicely decorated by a group of art enthusiats, hence giving you the really new cool look. Food's great but it does come with a hefty price tag as well.

This is the menu and the interior design of the cafe.Nicely done with an artsy touch to it. The exterior of the cafe is tastefully painted with green stripes making it outstanding. It is located just a couple of shops away from the famous Astons Grill. Hence if you are really getting frustrated in the long queue outside Astons, do try this for a change. Note: This cafe is quite packed as well.

Penang Rendang $ 9.80

Spicy pan-fried mushroom heads served with steamed buns. Judging by the serving, we knew that we had to order at least 8 plates to fill us.

Red Riding Hood $7.80

Crispy soy tossed with a tangy sweet sauce. This is comparable with the normal Sweet & Sour pork sold outside at most tze char stalls. Chewy and sweet at the same time!

Golden Oats $8.80

This is crispy deep-fried tofu with oats and leaves. Basically crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Nice dish!

Mango Tofu Cake $12.80

This is the normal fish slices you can find in the vegetarian stores. Served with sweet thai sauce.

Curry Mutton $8.80

This serving is enough for 1 person. You may eat this with a bowl of rice. The potatoes are well cooked and mutton balls (made from mushrooms) are chewy. Sauce is really good!

Heartwarmer $13.80

This dish is under the "mains" category, however, the portion is still small. This is monkeyhead mushroom braised for many hours in a special sauce, and it is very rich in flavour.

The plain rice costs $1.50 per bowl.

All in all, this is a place where you can do new food tasting, but not when you are famished, just as the name suggests - dont be "naive", it is not the normal food you are tasting! I guess most good food comes with a hefty price tag. I would suggest that you take some bread before going though. The full menu is available on its website in PDF format.

Location: 99 East Coast Road, Singapore 428975 (Opposite Katong Mall)

Tel: 6348 0668

Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 11.30PM to 10.00PM