Thursday, July 29, 2010

Iwannagetstuffed Vegetarian Restaurant @ Kallang Leisure (素芳斋) *CLOSED DOWN*

*CLOSED DOWN* I heard they relocated to Tampines, but not serving veg anymore.
I read on the opening of this new veg buffet place on the forum and I decided to try it out before Jay's concert last saturday. I was surpised by the shop space as I was thinking it might just be a small little cafe. The restaurant itself occupies approximately 3 shop space and can accomodate as much as 40 pax. It is seeing a reasonable crowd on event days. Layout of the restaurant is simple and bright.
It is a new and interesting concept for the entire place to offer nothing BUT only BUFFET. I met one of the manager who used to be working with loving hut. He mentioned that everything is vegan, with minimal mock items and there is no garlic & onion in all dishes. I even asked him for the ala carte menu, but there was none. The catch here is, there is no specific timing for buffet, meaning, as what the name suggests "Iwannagetstuffed", you can eat as long as you want, as much as you want. For a price this low, it is recommended that you starve yourself for 3 days, and from the opening till closing time, sit there and get stuffed.
One Price $12.90

I have no idea if there is any Child Price, so you may want to call before going. This is just some of the dishes and they vary every day. There is a blend of 20 over East and West cusines available.

Salad Bar

My own Salad creation

I loved how the braised peanuts taste!
Eddie's creations. The dishes include fried noodles, Spagetti, Olive Fried Rice, Hash Browns, Tofu, veg and even Chwee Kuey, Chee Cheong Fun included.

Diet: Vegan, No Onions & Garlic

All in all, this is not a bad choice to come but do not expect interesting dishes like those served at quality hotel. I personally like it as they keep changing the dishes. This is more of our usual fare but do note that drinks are not inclusive. You may just get plain water like we did.
Since it has only opened for a month, there is still room for improvement and I do hope later on they may have ala-carte menus available.
Location: 5 Stadium Walk, Kallang Leisure Park, Level 1-/33/34/35
Tel No.: 63480600
Opening Hours: Till 9pm daily

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yummy Green @ BEDOK

Please note that Yummy green has shifted to Bedok! New Add: Blk 537 #01-511 Bedok North Street 3 Singapore 460537
One of the nights I met gwennie there for a meal before a movie. This cafe is operated by the same owner of Simple Food as well as a sister company of Neno Bali which I've covered earlier.
The simple food @ Tampines sell more of the usual chinese & western cusines while this cafe focus more on Vegetarian Japanese and western dishes.
Yummy Green has been around quite sometime in this building and has given vegetarians at least a choice since the there is no vegetarian stalls in the food court.


The cafe capacity is pretty small and can accomodate up to 20 pax. There is some menu on the wall. They serve quite a range of japanese and western cusines.
Do note that a lot of mock items are use in most dishes. You may opt for tofu dishes if you are not into mock meat.
Karage Cha Soba $8.80
Comes with a soup for this set. Comprises of Adegashi Tofu, Salad, Karage & Cold Soba noodles. I LOVE the noodles a lot! I guess its because we can't take this noodles in most japanese places since the dip is usually made from fish. As for the karage, It is basically "盐酥鸡" deep fried. Nothing much about it, but the portion is definitely big!

Curry Katsu Don Rice $7.80

Gwen loves japanese curry a lot so she ordered this dish. The chicken chop is similar to those that is sold at Ci Hang. Curry is rather authentic and I guess its because japanese curry doesn't comprise of coconut milk, the curry taste is thicker. Aint too bad a dish.
I think the salads should be served in vinegar instead of mayo. Rather fattening since both dishes have deep-fried items. Hence do be careful of what you order if you are into healthy eating!
Blk 537 #01-511 Bedok North Street 3 Singapore 460537

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ci Hang Vegetarian @ Aljunid (慈航中西素食)

This is another cafe located near the Aljunid MRT. Ci Hang has been around for as long as I can remember. It should be more than a decade to date. They were famous for the western cuisine when they first started as many places did not have western meals then. Ci Hang has since successfully transformed into a very organic-friendly outlet selling organic set meals that attracted many people. It is always fully packed during dinner.

*Picture taken from Crystal's blog*

There were many people on a Tuesday night. Everything is self-service from the counter. Ci Hang also sells quite a variety of organic products and vegetarian dried foods.
Chicken Chop $8

I was not in the organic mode as love the chicken chop best! It is a big serving. There are 3 chicken meat dipped in a nice batter and deep fried, and served with a homemade gravy. The sides include tomato beans and french fries. You may also request to change french fries to mash potato. As everything is fried, you can't exactly consider this as healthy. To me, its just a craving that happens once in a blue moon! heehee. Zi Zai Zhai vegetarian also has this, but the price is slightly cheaper.

Assam Fish Rice $5

Clare's favourite dish. She can eat this almost every week! I must say that this is definitely a healthier version than Zi Zai. Zi Zai's assam curry is more oily that the one at Ci Hang. This assam fish is not spicy and is sour enough to make you ask for more! The ingredients comprise of Mock Fish, Tomato, Brinjals and Lady Fingers. Dipping the Popodum into the gravy is seeedapp too!

Spagetti $6

This version is healthy as the sauce is made of tomato base with cabbage, mock meats and mushrooms.

Mash Potato $2

Ci Hang serves the best Mash potato to date as we can eat up the entire scoop of potatoes with the gravy without feeling guilty at all!

All in all, ci hang is one of the places you can go to in the evenings for dinner if you are in the east. Price wise is rather mid-range. I have no idea if any diary products are used or not. Definitely egg-less.

Location: 72 Lorong 25-A Geylang, right in front of Aljunid MRT.

Tel: 9001 7639

Opening Hours: 11am - 9pm, CLOSED on Fridays (*Inclusive of 1st and 15th day of lunar month)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bali - Neno Vegetarian Restaurant *CLOSED DOWN*

Neno has since closed down.

After the bombings, it is great to see Bali picking up the pieces and back to its brisk business days again. It is also very pleasant to see quite a number of vegetarian places popping up in recent years. In my recent Bali trip, I saw quite a number of vegetarian outlets along the roads, however I was not able to try out all except for this one. I am truely glad that my travel mates were satisfied with the food served. Neno is a Fusion Vegetarian Restaurant affiliated with Simple Food Singapore which has 2 outlets on our shores.
They serve a wide variety of cusines ranging from Japanese to Western dishes.

Front View of the Restaurant

It is not difficult to spot this restaurant as there is a BIG signage board right in front of the restaurant itself. However the chinese character "素" was a little small to spot. Neno is a restaurant on its own which has 2 floors that can accomodate quite a number of people. Decoration is simple with green and brown as base colors.

Interior of the Restaurant

In case you are wondering, what is "NENO"? it was explained in the restaurant, artistically written on the wall. NENO is derived from the notion of "No Egg, No Onion" in their dishes. However, this is not fully vegan since there are various dishes using cheese, hence I believe there is still some diary-related items.

The other side of the restaurant where the are some nice posters of the food they serve as well as the specials of the day.

Second Storey of the Restaurant

Setting was slightly different from the first floor, the second floor was more comfy and suitable for people to sit down and have tea and spend the afternoon away. The Balinese style couches are really comfy. One can even book the entire 2nd floor for a private function.


Menu is done nicely with a hard cover made from bamboo and the dishes looked tempting. We ordered 1 sides and 5 mains for 4 pax.

Grilled Herbs Baby Potato RP14,000

As the title suggests, these are baby potatoes grilled/baked and served with mozarella cheese on top. As the cheese was served on a separate dish, you may omit this and opt for the vegan choice. The base of the sauce used to grill this dish is tomato. Just in case you are pondering how much it costs in sg, the conversion rate is 1SGD:6500RP. So this is around SGD 2.10.

Hawaiian Pizza 8" RP 26,000

8" pizza that we shared. Comprises of Veg Ham, Olives, Tomatoes & Pineapple. Crust was baked well and crispy too. It costs around SGD 4.

Mushroom Soup RP13,500

Sharon ordered this instead of drinks. Served with lots of croutons on top! I like the soup as it reminded me of the one I had in Bishan.

Thai Spicy Prawn Soup with Udon RP 38,000

I was craving for spicy food for the entire trip and decided to try this. This is served with lots of ingredients like brocolli, carrots, corn, enoki mushrooms, seaweed, mushrooms and veg mock prawns. The Soup was indeed very spicy but satisfied my craving. Would have been better if the carrots are more well cooked as they tasted quite hard.

Creme Pesto Fettucine with Pine Nuts RP 39,000

Ray ordered this dish. Nicely presented and the cream was just right! However, the same comment he had was this shouldn't include carrots as well. I guess its for the presentation purpose.

Spicy Chicken Japanese Udon RP30,000

Another spicy udon dish. I liked it too as the udon was not over-cooked and tasted really spicy. Served with mock chicken slices, mushrooms, vegetables and chili padi.

Olive Mushroom Veggie Fried Rice RP 24,000

Served with Olive, Carrots, vegetables, ham and mushrooms. Tasted fragrant.

Drinks RP16,000

We ordered Lime Juice and Honeydew Juice. Refreshing~

Neno is located in the artistic area of Semiyak, approximately 5 mins drive from Ku de ta. Hence it is easy to find. They also provide personalised full vegetarian day tour planning. With more vegetarian outlets opening up and cheap airfare, I am definitely set on my second trip really soon again!

Location: NeNo Restaurant. Jl. Petitenget no. 2x, Seminyak

Opening hours:
(Mon-Sat) 0830hrs-2230hrs
(Sun) 0900hrs-2230hrs

Tel: +62-361-9103003

Facebook Link:

Neno Blog:

Monday, July 5, 2010

Buffet Lunch @ Classic Lao Di Fang Park Mall

It has been a long time since I last updated on Lao Di Fang ("LDF"). LDF used to have 3 outlets and it is very sad to see just this last one standing now. I have no idea if the one at Ang Mo Kio is still operating.
I used to patronise the LDF at Chinatown as the prices was much cheaper. However, the standard has dropped a lot and it has since closed down. Hence if I am craving for Braised Beef Noodles (红烧面), there is only one choice now.. which is Classic LDF, which has since relocated to Parkmall.
Classic LDF now offers value-for-money buffet lunch which I think is very worth.

There are over 30 selections available ranging from appetizers to dim sum to soups and all time favourites. If only braised beef noodles is available, it would have been more perfect. Anyway, this was good enough to make me feel spoilt for choice, as I wanted to try a mouthful of everything on the menu. Furthermore, it only costs $12.80 for Adults and $9.80 for Children. The only catch here is that this is only available from Mon to Fri, inclusive of first and fifteen of the lunar month, where you are required to pay a dollar more.

Beancurd Fries

This is my family favourite must-order side dish. Instead of the usual potato, this is made out of beancurd, making it taste really chewy. Im starting to drool as I write!

Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves

This was quite well cooked with bean sauce as well as sambal chili, aint too spicy as well. Would be great with a bowl of rice!

Spicy & Sour Soup

It was written as hot & sour soup in the menu but I've decided to name it spicy & sour instead, as this is really spicy! Not suitable for the weak stomach. One thing good is that the soups are served by per serving. Hence if you and your friend want to try 2 types of soups, you may order a serving each. The mushroom soup is yummy and tasty too.


Nicely fried, tastes good with ginger and vinegar..

Curry Spare Ribs

I was expecting this to have a strong curry taste but was proven wrong. This was more sweet & sour sauce cooked with curry leaves. Aint too bad as the spare ribs is made from lotus roots wrapped with mock meat. Quite a unique taste with the strong aroma from the curry leaves.

Olive Fried Rice

Fragrantly fried, but a little more olives would make it even better.

Trotters Meat Slices Dipped in Chili Oil

This dish is served cold. Im not sure if this meat is readily availale in the market or not, but this tasted well. The fatty portion is made from konnyaku and meat side was chewy. A tad oily since this is dipped in chili oil.

All in all, 2 of us ate a total of 8 dishes and a dessert.

Other MUST trys - French Beans, Cuttlefish Ball, HK Noodles

Location: 9 Penang Road, B1-12, Park Mall

Tel: 6533 8959