Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yummy Green @ BEDOK

Please note that Yummy green has shifted to Bedok! New Add: Blk 537 #01-511 Bedok North Street 3 Singapore 460537
One of the nights I met gwennie there for a meal before a movie. This cafe is operated by the same owner of Simple Food as well as a sister company of Neno Bali which I've covered earlier.
The simple food @ Tampines sell more of the usual chinese & western cusines while this cafe focus more on Vegetarian Japanese and western dishes.
Yummy Green has been around quite sometime in this building and has given vegetarians at least a choice since the there is no vegetarian stalls in the food court.


The cafe capacity is pretty small and can accomodate up to 20 pax. There is some menu on the wall. They serve quite a range of japanese and western cusines.
Do note that a lot of mock items are use in most dishes. You may opt for tofu dishes if you are not into mock meat.
Karage Cha Soba $8.80
Comes with a soup for this set. Comprises of Adegashi Tofu, Salad, Karage & Cold Soba noodles. I LOVE the noodles a lot! I guess its because we can't take this noodles in most japanese places since the dip is usually made from fish. As for the karage, It is basically "盐酥鸡" deep fried. Nothing much about it, but the portion is definitely big!

Curry Katsu Don Rice $7.80

Gwen loves japanese curry a lot so she ordered this dish. The chicken chop is similar to those that is sold at Ci Hang. Curry is rather authentic and I guess its because japanese curry doesn't comprise of coconut milk, the curry taste is thicker. Aint too bad a dish.
I think the salads should be served in vinegar instead of mayo. Rather fattening since both dishes have deep-fried items. Hence do be careful of what you order if you are into healthy eating!
Blk 537 #01-511 Bedok North Street 3 Singapore 460537


Gonza40 said...

I went to try the exact same dishes as you have ordered. Also ordered grilled chicken skewer as side. Yummy!!
Shall be one of my favourite veg dining places from now on.

Thomas Goh said...

For your information , Yummy Green had returned to it's original company at Kakit Bukit and merged into one. The Bedok branch no more exist.