Friday, November 26, 2010

Merryland Vegetarian @ Johor Bahru

This post is contributed by Uncle Stanley. He and his friends are frequent traveller to our neighboring country Johor Bahru and this is another restaurant that he likes dining at.

The nice menu. Some dishes start from RM10, which is ard SGD5. Pretty reasonable.


Serving is reasonable for 4 pax. Tasty and the tofu is smooth.

Assam Fish

Sour and aint too spicy, sadly the fish slices are not a lot for the Small plate. One thing i like about mock fishes is that most of these are made with beancurd skins that that wrapped in layers and covered with a seaweed. They do not really taste too mock which most people dislike.

Chili Kangkong

My favourite of all times. If you realise most of my posts would have this dish. I wonder if it is truth or a myth that the old people say our legs will turn wobbly if we eat too much of this vegetables.

Cereal Prawns

I like this dish as well. Though I've long forgotten then real taste of prawns, I do not mind these as substitutes. I love how the oats taste!

total of 4 dishes and rice and tea costs only RM50.

Merryland has opened 2 outlets in JB itself. So its one of the places you can consider dining. May not be easy to find for those who do not drive in though.


1. 42-44 Jalan Dedap 4 off Jalan Johor Jaya[same street as "The Store"
departmental store cum Supermarket.
Tel: 07-3540387

2. MERRYLAND Vegetarian fast-food
16 Jalan Pingai, Taman Pelangi

Operating Hours: Till 9pm daily

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ru Lai Vegetarian Food @ AMK

There are 2 stalls of the same name located in the hawker centre. I have no idea if they are owned by the same owners though. The special part of this stall is that it only sells Dry Mee instead of our usual vegetarian Fried bee hoon. I was really surprised as there are queues at this stall. Even my sister raves about it and at one time she went almost every other weekend for breakfast.

Stall Front

The owners sell nothing but only Dried noodles. I'm calling it dried noodles as there isnt any wantons or veg minced meat in this dish.

Dried Thick Bee Hoon $2.50

I decided to try this for breakfast as I usually will have this thick bee hoon in laksa. The ingredients comprise of mushrooms, vegetables, Mock duck slices and the fried goose. I guess the draw for this is the fried goose which many people like it in their bee hoon. Some call it "crispy", which is basically made of beancurd skin. Nothing exceptionally special about this, as the sauce mix was just okay. I personally liked the yellow bean soup that is simmered over long hours.

Location: Blk 226D, Ang Mo Kio Street 22, Food Centre, Stall #01- 105

Opens till early afternoon, daily.

*Do note of Long Queues on the 1st and 15th of the lunar month*

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vegetarian stall @ Bedok

Hi everyone, apologies for the late post as I have been busy of late. Anyway, here's a new post contributed by Steve. Thanks Steve!
Steve has tried the dishes from this stall and find the food affordable and good.

Ba Kut Teh $3

Comes with rice, this ba kut teh soup comprises of quite a lot of ingredients including tau pok, beancurd as well as veg mutton balls. The Soup is tasty as well!

Other recommended dishes: Seafood Soup

Location: Blk 59 New Upper Changi Road (near Bedok View Secondary School)
Inside Coffee Shop.
Opening Hrs: Till 9pm, closed on alternate Mondays

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sin Sheng Huat Vege Restaurant @ Malaysia (Johor Jaya)

This is contributed by Uncle Stanley . Thanks so much Uncle Stanley! If you do travel to Johor Bahru, there is some cheap and good food in Johor Jaya, which is located near the popular shopping mall Jusco. This stall is operated by a couple and been around for more than a decade. Most dishes shown below are at only RM3.00. (which is equivalent to Less than S$1.50)
Shop Front

This restaurant itself has a couple of vegetarian stalls inside, whereby they serve meals like Nasi Lemak, Mee Rebus or the Cha Siew noodles. There are also stalls selling Carrot Cake, Steam rice cakes and Roti Prata.

Soon Kueh

The normal soon kueh usually comprise of bamboo shoots which are cooked with shrimps. These days the vegetarian soon kueh comprise of Turnip instead. Looks really Yummy!
Mee Rebus

Lots of ingredients given for this plate of mee rebus!

Wanton Noodles

Noodles are chewy and there are quite a lot of ingredients to go with.

Curry Noodles

Thunder Tea Rice

The Hakka Lei Cha (Thunder Tea) Rice set is a really popular dish in Malaysia. It does has a strong tea taste which may not suit some tastes.

Nasi Lemak/ Curry Rice

No garlic,onions nor shallots are used in the preparation. Mixed Vegetables Rice is also available at the stall.

Location:29 Jalan Dedap 23, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru,
Opening Hrs: 6.30AM to 9.30PM
Tel: 016-7117250

Driving Instructions:

From the usual Tebrau Highway it will be join to Jalan Pandan. Then, you will find Carrefour. Tkae the New Flyover and continue to see Tesco as well as Jusco.
When you see Aeon @ Tebrau City in the distance, keep to the 2nd left lane so that you can then turn right into JALAN JOHOR JAYA.
Then you will see the Bowling Alley, turn into that area which is DEDAP. It is located along the road.