Friday, November 26, 2010

Merryland Vegetarian @ Johor Bahru

This post is contributed by Uncle Stanley. He and his friends are frequent traveller to our neighboring country Johor Bahru and this is another restaurant that he likes dining at.

The nice menu. Some dishes start from RM10, which is ard SGD5. Pretty reasonable.


Serving is reasonable for 4 pax. Tasty and the tofu is smooth.

Assam Fish

Sour and aint too spicy, sadly the fish slices are not a lot for the Small plate. One thing i like about mock fishes is that most of these are made with beancurd skins that that wrapped in layers and covered with a seaweed. They do not really taste too mock which most people dislike.

Chili Kangkong

My favourite of all times. If you realise most of my posts would have this dish. I wonder if it is truth or a myth that the old people say our legs will turn wobbly if we eat too much of this vegetables.

Cereal Prawns

I like this dish as well. Though I've long forgotten then real taste of prawns, I do not mind these as substitutes. I love how the oats taste!

total of 4 dishes and rice and tea costs only RM50.

Merryland has opened 2 outlets in JB itself. So its one of the places you can consider dining. May not be easy to find for those who do not drive in though.


1. 42-44 Jalan Dedap 4 off Jalan Johor Jaya[same street as "The Store"
departmental store cum Supermarket.
Tel: 07-3540387

2. MERRYLAND Vegetarian fast-food
16 Jalan Pingai, Taman Pelangi

Operating Hours: Till 9pm daily

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