Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forest Dew Vegetarian Cafe

Thanks for Clare for always exploring new places on my behalf! I've heard about this cafe quite sometime back, but didnt have the time to try out the food.

Daily Specials:
Monday - Veg chicken rice
Tuesday to Thursday - Mixed Veg Rice (Steamed rice + 3 dishes $3.50)(Brown rice + 3 dishes $4.00)
Friday - Nasi Lemak
The menu comes with numbers and you are given a small ordering form and pencil to fill out the table number and ur orders.

Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves $4

Served in a small plate was what seems to be small portion, but as just right for 2 people. If there are more people, can always order probably a sambal kangkong, as the sambal chilli is good!

Mango prawn $7

Deep fried veg prawn with sweet mango sauce poured all over.Mango sauce a little sweet, but overall taste was alright.

Satay fish $7

This dish was a little disappointing, as the veg fish didn't taste v good.And the satay sauce was non other than the peanut based satay sauce which was poured over the deep fried fish.

Korean Beef Set ($9)

This set is served with rice. Ingredients comprise of Black pepper sauce with mixed beans, ginger and corn. The Veg beef taste quite good abd chewy. Seaweed soup with beancurd, inoki mushroom, vegetables and mock meat. It is quite cheap and can be shared by 2 persons.

Belachan Chilli Fish ($7)

This dish was a disappointment, as it didn't turn out as good as it looks on the menu. I realiased that the fish dishes served here isnt that great. Though the belacan chilli was good, overall dish was too dry to the taste. Should have more chilli gravy, rather than juz deep fry the fish and then put some chilli on it. I prefer Liwei's
bbq chilli fish more!

Note: A bowl of steamed rice cost 80 cents. We will still go back and try other foods on the menu like Japanese, wide selection of brewed soups ($3.50/bowl) and many smoothies and beverages.

Location: Blk 23 #01-523 Singapore 330023
Tel: 6293 9579
Operating hours: Open daily 10.30am - 10pm