Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Xiang Guan Vegetarian Stall (香源素食) *Newly Reopened*

One of the stalls that i love to go is located at Circuit Road (Aljunid area). The hawker centre here is deemed as the heaven for vegetarians, as there are around 6 stalls selling vegetarian food of all varieties. Most importantly, prices are affordable at this place. We will always go to this place when we run out of ideas of places to eat.

Popiah $1.00; Chwee Kway $1.00; Chee Chong Fun $1.00

Had dinner with my parents that day and we ordered the traditional chinese kway. I've always like popiah (the non-fried version) and the auntie selling this gives a generous serving. The turnip is juicy and tastes perfect with the sweet sauce. Also, my dad loves the chwee kway. Though there is nothing special in the chwee kway, given the increase in prices of flour, the auntie still sells at 5 pieces for a dollar, hence it is still very much worth our support. Chee Chong Fun is soft and tastes fine with the sauce as well. Price is also at 2 pieces for a dollar.

One thing good about the hawker centre is most stalls sell till late in the night. Hence, if you are still craving of small bites after 10pm, this is the place to head for! However, do remember not to take supper every night, as it takes years for a tummy to dissolve!

Location: Blk 79A Circuit Road, #01-676

Opening Hours: 12PM - 1AM