Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lucky Vegetarian Stall (鸿运素食)

Was around the UBI area wrapping the hundred over pressies for xmas when we finally decided to go for lunch. Thinking that since we are near the Lucky, might as well go to my favourite stall for Mee Rebus.

Mee Rebus $2

Before being a vegetarian, I've always like muslim food especially Mee Rebus and Nasi Lemak. Luckily, there are many places selling the vegetarian version. So far, I have tried from many places. This stall still sells the best. Though the Tau Kwa and Tau Pok is little, the noodles is A LOT. I felt that even if there is no ingredients, just the noodles and gravy is good enough. The gravy is also not too spicy, and there are a lot of potatoes used in it. Definitely worth your $2.

Mee Siam $2

Other than signature dish Mee Rebus, this stall serves good Mee Siam too. The gracy does not have a lot of Asam, hence it is not too sour. Ingredients wise, kind of little. However, its still considered worthwhile because the gravy is tasty and special.

Other Recommendations: Mee Goreng, Prawn Mee Soup

UBI Ave 1
Blk 305 Coffee Shop

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 7am - 7pm; Sat - Sun 7am -3pm