Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Very Nice Vegetarian Specialty Station (真好吃素食专卖站) - CLOSED


I guess the english name of the stall is a direct translation from the chinese one. Anyway, this is another stall located at the food centre along circuit road.
As the stall name suggests, the specialty from the stall is non other than Roti Prata.

Roti Prata
This is the egg version which ive always adore. Costs $1.20 per piece. Taste wise, the prata skin itself is cripsy on the outside, and its always recommended to eat it while its hot. Sadly, I was very disappointed with the curry. Could not finish the whole bowl of it, as there was too much tumeric powder in it. Still, if you are running out of food to eat, this is one choice available at circuit road. Note: Waiting time can be quite long, as there is only 1 seller tending the stall.

Prices: Without egg: $0.80; With Egg: $1.20; With cheese & Egg: $2.00

Other food options: Dry Mee

Location: Blk 79A Circuit Road