Sunday, November 18, 2007

NUS Engineering Canteen (国大学府工程系)

Last week i met Dr. Tay for lunch at the NUS Engineering Canteen. This is one of the cheapest places for working adults like us, as the food is very much cheaper than outside.

Kway Chap $1.50

Quite a fair amount for small eaters. Dr. Tay's Favourite. I tried the soup, it tastes authentic, and you can taste the strong aroma of tonics (e.g Tang Gui) used. Sadly there isnt any Tau Pok given. Nonetheless, at $1.50, what more can you ask for? The Chili is also not too sour and tastes just right for the soup. For big eaters, you may order the $2 serving.

Wanton Noodles $1.80

Normally my favourite is the Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup from this stall. However, I wanted to feature something different. Hence tried the Wanton noodles. Serving is just right for a lady, and the amount of noodles is a lot. However, being a picky eater, I did not really like the way the noodles was cooked, as it wasnt Q enough, and some of the noodles stuck together, making it not so nice. Nonetheless, the wanton is not too bad.

Other than these specialties, there is also mixed vegetables rice, where there are approximately 20 dishes available for you to choose from.

Other recomendations: Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup, Claypot Rice/Noodles

If you are working in the science park area, there are free buses going in NUS.

Location: NUS Engineering Canteen (Alight at Central Library Busstop)

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 8AM - 7PM, Sat till 3PM