Monday, November 26, 2007

LivinGreens (本色)

Was there for dinner with gwennie last week. There are quite a number of choices available in the menu. I was very impressed with the attitude of the manager who served us, as he was asking how was the food etc, asking us to give them more ideas for improvement. These days, it is really important to always ask clients their opinions so that people will want to visit them again. Most importantly, parking was free behind the cafe! What I liked about this cafe is not only that the good service, but also, food is organic, and non of the dishes have garlic or onions in them, which can be a rare find in organic veg. cafes these days.

Sheperd's Pie

This is one of the dishes I liked. Most sheperd's pies sold outside are oily and fattening. However, not in this case. The top layer is not made of the normal flour which we use for baking. Instead, wheat flour is used. Ingredients is a minced mix of carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers cooked with special organic seasoning. There is no mock meats used in any of the dishes, which I feel is good, as sometimes too much mock items is not ideal for our body.
Sesame Sauce Buckwheat Noodles

This is a very healthy dish which I would recommend if you are in for a very light meal. The sesame paste has a strong aroma, making the noodles very fragrant. Also, there are well cooked pumpkin slices, allowing a sweet litte taste when eaten together with the noddles.

Mushroom Dumplings

Gweenie's favourite of the night. The dumplings skin is in purple colour as it was made from beetroot juice. Lots of mushrooms in this dumpling, making it chewy. There is only a little flaw that the ginger slices were not too finely chopped, if not, i guess we would even finish the ginger slices. heh.

Overall experience: The cafe is clean and service was really good. A pity that I was not able to note down the prices of each dish. However, most dishes are within $10, making it affordable. I was also informed that the cafe also sells daily specials like Nasi Lemak, Minced meat Noodles, all in the organic version. Glad to have more organic cafes like that opening up. Also, the cafe conducts vegetarian classes sometimes. Once in a while, we need to detox and I personally feel that going organic is one of the better ways.


*Picture taken from Livingreens website

325, Beach Road Singapore 199559

Tel: 6396 5523


Nearest MRT: Lavendar

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat: 11AM to 8.30PM, Closed on Sundays.