Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Taiwan, KaoShiung - Shanghai Vegetarian Restaurant (上海素菜餐厅)

Was in Taiwan (KaoShiung) last week for the AVCIII. Nonetheless, we were brought to a restaurant which I would highly recommend if you are planning for a trip to KaoShiung or PingTung. This is non-other than the Shanghai Vegetarian Restaurant (上海素菜餐厅). Im not able to find out the prices of the dishes, but in Taiwan, most food (e.g a bowl of dumplings is around 30-40 NT), equivalent to SGD1.50 - 2.00.

We had a good, sumptuous 12 course lunch which we almost could not finish!
Great pictures to share:

Other than the banquet, the restaurant serves european-styled buffet as well as shabu shabu hotpot.

Location: No. 128 Jiu Ru Road, Kao Shiung District Tel: (07)-3232745-7