Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Xie Bi An Vegetarian Delights (谢必安素食)

Was there with my parents a couple of weeks back for dinner. We wanted to try something new though we were initially there for the food at Blk 829 (Yuan Man Veg). I've seen the news of this stall in the veg. society forum hence we went to try the food here. Similar to 829, they offer quite a wide range of tze char selection, combining both western and chinese cuisines. Prices start from $3.

Chicken Cutlet Rice

My mum ordered this dish as she has always adored western food. Portion is big and can be shared between two. The chicken fried with mixed batter and bread crumbs is quite tasty as well. I guess this mock meat cannot go any wrong as it comes from those vegetarian food suppliers. Hence wherever we eat, the meat mostly tastes the same except for the mixed batter. Gravy is vital in this case. However, I could not taste the gravy on the rice as it was quite blend. You would need to eat it on the spot as the chicken cutlets turn soggy quite fast. Overall, the dish is okay, but doesnt leave much of an impression.

Claypot Rice

All along i've adored claypot rice due to the crispy rice at the end. However, this seems like a fried rice served in claypot instead. Rice is tastefully fried with veg,mock meats and then served. Quite a disappointment as it wasn't the real claypot rice i've anticipated. You may just order fried rice instead and it costs cheaper as it's served on a plate.

Soup $3

This is my favorite dish of the day. Brewed for hours with corn, carrots and radish, making it really sweet and you may just eat it with plain rice. It reminds me of the soup at loving hut.

We also ordered the hong kong noodles which was overcooked. Hence it did not taste as well in comparison with Yuan Man.

All in all, as this stall is faced with strong competition with the stall at 829, they would need to quickly innovate and sell something special. I have yet tried their ban mian or roti prata as it does not seem to be available in the evenings. Nonetheless, food is still okay and hopefully it does survive overtime.

Location: Blk 828, Tampines Street 81

Tel: 9427 6003/ 9006 4438

Opening Hours: 7am to 10Pm