Friday, August 27, 2010

Inflight Meal - Singapore Airlines

Here's another inflight meal that I had when I went beijing for work early this year.
Do note that if you are travelling, most airlines cater to vegetarians, however do make your reservations for vegetarian food on board when you purchase your ticket.
Anyway, for Singapore Airlines, they have quite a number of vegetarian options available. I usually request for Oriental Vegetarian. They do have vegan or indian vegetarian meals as well.

Inflight - SG - BJ

One thing good about making early meal reservations is that you are usually the first to be served before the rest. The only drawback is that we do not have any menu to choose, so you are to eat what you are served. I guess there are different meals served on each different flight route.

The Main

I was happy with the main as it was what I like! The main comprises of stir fried yee mee with mock meat, vegetables and carrots. The mock meat is known as "猪肝" (aka pig's liver) cooked in veg oyster sauce. If you are a fan of liver, you can get this from most vegetarian suppliers. My mum's version is usually with lots of ginger slices cooked in dark soy sauce.


For the salad, I was served with tomatoes, asparagus, bambooshoots as well as abalone mushrooms. All are well steamed and lightly marinated with salt. Quite refreshing.


I love the dessert most. This is lychee jello with orange. The jello wasn't too sweet.

I'm surprised that I ate the entire meal, perhaps it was suitable for me. Now im anticipating for the next meal on my next flight..SQ has not disappointed me so far.. If you have had other better flight meals, do take some pictures and post a review! I'm contactable at my email on the right.

Location: On Singapore Airlines

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