Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Easy Home-Cooked snacks

Since my mum & dad have officially retired, she has been cooking everyday. Therefore, whenever I am on shift, I am bound to bring some dinner to work. (hence saving some money).
Anyway, here's some really easy but tasty food which you can DIY too!
Fried Wanton


1. Vege Ham

2. Turnip (Or water Chestnut)

3. Mushrooms

4. Carrots

5. Wanton Skin

Seasoning: Salt & Pepper


1. Mince/ Grind all the ingredients.

2. Fry the ingredients with a little bit of Oil.

3. Add in Seasonings.

4. Set aside till cool.

5. Wrap into the wanton skin. (Fold Half, then skin the sides with water/starch).

6. Lastly, heat up the wok with some oil and fry it.

My colleagues said that it tastes really good. You may also have it added into your maggie noodles or dried noddles.

Longbeans Egg

If you are someone who dislike eating long beans, this dish should be one that changes your mind.


1. 1 Long Bean

2. 1 Egg


1. Cut the long bean into tiny pieces.

2. Break the egg into a bowl and mix together with long beans.

3. Add in some seasoning (salt/soya sauce, pepper and sesame oil).

4. Lastly, pan-fry it till golden brown.

*It goes well with porridge or rice.

Customers used to love it at my mum's stall when she was selling veg food last time! Try it too!