Sunday, October 21, 2007

Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2007

Last week, my parents and I went to Phuket for the vegetarian festival (see here for the info). The food there was not only AWEsome, it was almost available everywhere in Phuket town.

Vegetarian Thai Popiah 10Bhat (SGD$0.40)

Really Spicy, but its crunchy on the inside, soft on the outside.

Vegetarian Kway Tiao Soup 30Bhat (SGD $1.20)

Almost available in most stalls. The soup is made from white raddish and its sweet. Ingredients wise is full of veg and tofu.

Vegetarian Fried Mee 12Bhat (SGD 0.60)

The chili and peanuts made this dish heavenly! Though not much ingredients and only vegetables, this packet of fried mee makes you want to have more!

Vegetarian Nou Hiang & Wanton 10Bhat Each (SGD $0.40)

The Nou Hiang (五香卷) tastes really good with the taro inside. Comes with a special thai sauce. As for the wanton, its good given the price and standard. However, of course my recipe is better. heh.

Vegetarian Mixed Vegetables Rice

Most stalls sell the mixed vegetables rice (什菜饭). My parents and I ordered dishes as shown (2 plates of veg, 2 sausages, and 1 fish) total at 145Bhat (SGD $6.60). Cheap like crazy! Also, the FISH is really good, as it is self-made!

Thai Dessert - Mango with Glutinous Rice 50Bhat (SGD $2.00)

A not-to-be missed dessert after all the snacks and meals. I loved the mango as it was really sweet.

Overall, I personally feel it is a very worthed trip to phuket during the vegetarian festival (held only 9 days annually) as food is not only interesting, but tasty as well. Also, you may also take part in the parades whereby the devotees pierce almost anything through their bodies and walk for hours as part of purification. Just look for any stall with the yellow flag (九皇盛会), and you will be amazed with the varieties available. (not suitable for vegans though) A pity that I was unable to feature all the foods as there were simply too many to try. I would want to go back again next year!

Note: If you are in for an indulgence, JWMarriot hotel also had a special vegetarian menu (featuring sharksfin) during this period. I did not go there but read from a magazine in the hotel.

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