Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fish Head Beehoon Soup (鱼片米粉)

One of my mum's best recipe~

Fish Head Beehoon Soup (鱼片米粉)
+ Note that I am unable to provide the proportions.

*Evaporated Milk
*Salted vegetables
* Above are for soup making
Fish Slices
Abalone Mushrooms
Choy Sum (菜心)
Thick Beehoon


1. Fry the fish slices. Remove for later use.
2. Mix some flour (2/3) and rice flour (1/3) together. Add some salt/pepper to the flour. Then, add in the abalone mushrooms. Fry till golden brown. Remove for later use.
3. Cook ginger and salted vegetables in water for 15 minutes. Then, add in the evaporated milk. Lastly, add in the seasonings. Soup is done.
4. In boiled water, cook the beehoon and vegetables together for 1 minute. Then, remove from the water and place the beehoon into a bowl.
5. Add soup, fish slices, abalone mushrooms and tomatoes on top. Ready to serve.