Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Veg' Out at Genting (Malaysia)

Over the weekend, while I was at JB attending the wedding dinner, my sis Loonie tart went to Genting for the gamble of her life. Here's her reviews from the vegetarian food in Genting:

1. Kopitiam @ First World Hotel 4th floor
I think this is the only ‘pure’ vegetarian food available at Genting. I was there for my meals for consecutively 2 days. The food is good! I tried the vege mutton curry rice and fried kway teow, it was very tasty. Compared to other cut-throat prices at other food outlets, the price was considered quite cheap and you can add up to RM12.90 for a meal (with soup and drink).

2. Fast Food
Some meals, I took fries and banana pie from Mac Donalds. The banana pie is yummy! Tastes like Goreng Pisang. There is also Pizza Factory at Genting Hotel and Pizza Hut at the indoor theme park at First World Hotel.

3. Tong Luo Wan Cha Chan Ting (Hong Kong Café)
This HK Café is located just next to Kopitiam at 4th Floor. There are vegetarian options on its menu. There is fried rice, braised beancurd with rice, fried noodles etc. They also indicated that they use vegetable oil and separate set of cookery for vegetarian items. I only had toast for breakfast there so I didn’t try the food but was pleasantly surprised at my findings.

Overall, Genting do not have many vegetarian food options but the restaurants were quite receptive to preparing veg food such as fried rice if you are not that particular.

A pity that we do not have any pictures to offer this time round. Nonetheless, genting has still passed the "vegetarian-friendly" grade! Be sure to win some money too!