Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ji Lin Vegetarian (吉林素食)

Sometimes my mum when does not cook in the evenings, we will go to a nearby coffeeshop for Zhu Chao. The seller has been in this business for more than a decade and business is quite good. There are some dishes that I like eating. Most importantly, food is served piping hot. Also, it is affordable to all.

Mock Duck in shredded Ginger slices $5.00

In chinese, this dish is called 姜丝鸭 and it is a must try! the ginger is very finely sliced together with the meat. Then, they are fried together in a special dark sauce. It tastes really crispy and fragrant. I can just order this dish and eat with rice alone.

Bai Ye Tofu $5.00

Yet another dark sauced dish. This is called the 百页豆腐 in chinese. Cooked with celery, carrots and mushrooms. The tofu tastes good as it is the chewy kind.

Sambal Kangkong $5.00

A common dish sold almost everywhere, it depends on your luck of the day as sometimes it can be oily. Nonetheless, i think the vegetables is very fresh.

Seaweed Soup $4.00

I could not see any seaweed in the soup though im very sure that my dad ordered seaweed soup. hahaha! Nonetheless, for $4, this soup is a good buy as there are more ingredients than soup.

So total of 3 dishes and 1 soup + 3 plates of rice cost us $20. So if you are at the bedok area, do try out at this coffee shop!

Location: Blk 515 Bedok North Ave 2, Coffeeshop, Opening Hours: 8am - 8pm