Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fu Yuan Vegetarian Stall (富元素食)

Every Wednesday, my company bus will fetch us to Alexandra Village for lunch. Hence, without fail, I will always visit this stall for the Fish Porridge (the teochew style).

Fish Porridge (鱼糜汤) $2.50

The chinese pronounciation of the middle word is "mi", which i always fail to say. So normally, i just tell the auntie that I want Fish Rice Soup (鱼饭汤). heh. This is not the normal fish congee which you can find. They actually adds freshly cooked soup onto cooked rice and tada! thats what makes the "porridge". I like it because it is a generous serving of ingredients, especially vegetables. Most importantly, the soup is tasty and makes you crave for more! I love it with chili padi. Also, this is one dish that is almost OIL-FREE!

Other than this, mixed vegetables rice is also served. The mee rebus is only so-so.

Location: Alexandra Village Food Centre

#01-68, Opening Hours: 7am - 2pm