Thursday, December 27, 2007

Food #03

Got to know this place from the vegetarian society website. Food #03 is a Veg Place and an art project started by a group of creative people interested to change the world.
This little social enterprise is part of Post-Museum and a significant part of the profit goes to Post-Museum.
Had my Xmas dinner there. Here's the intro to contemporary vegetarian food~

BeetRoot/ Pumpkin Soups $4.00 Each

I'm not exactly a soup person when it comes to creamy and thick soups. However, the beetroot soup is a very healthy choice as it is really very thick in nature. Beetroot is very high in vitamin C so it is good for complexion too! However, some may find it hard to drink as it is very raw. As for the pumpkin soup, tastes similar to potatoes, thick as well. It tastes good with the breadsticks though.

Tempeh Burger $11.00

This is my first time trying on the tempeh burger hence I'm not able to compare with others. However, I find the taste acceptable, tempeh is soft and blends well with the fresh vegetables, egg and bread.

Spinach Pizza $12.50

Our favourite dish of the night is the pizzas. Ingredients include Spinach, Grilled Peppers, Feta and Egg, which blends well with the well baked cheese.

Asparagus Pizza $12.50

Ingredients include Asparagus, Oyster Mushroom and Olives. Tastes special as we seldom have asparagus in pizzas. Both pizzas are made using vegan and onion free special sauce base.

Red/White Linguine $7.50

Portion is just right for 1 person. The pasta is well cooked with olive oil and tastes rather blend I think. It could have been better if more ingredients like mushrooms can be included.

Banana Cow $7.00

We had the banana cow for dessert. Served on a hot sizzling plate, this is a hot Pancake with Orange Sauce. Not very sweet and the pancake is chewy. I like the almond slices on top.

Chocolate Brownie $5.00

Not the best i ate so far, tastes a little hard. I think it could have made better with a scoop of ice cream.

On the whole, I like the concept of the cafe which is very cosy and lighting is good. Its a very good and quiet place to chill out for the night. Also, almost everything is recycled at this place, making it really eco-friendly. Food wise, something different as there is no mock meat used, and no deep frying as well! A good choice for a healthy eater as we were all too full after taking all the fresh veggies. As for the price, 6 of us ordered a total of 8 dishes including deserts and it only cost $10 each, definitely Worth the ambience and food!

Note* Some items are already Vegan (V) and Onion+Garlic Free (OF). For many other items, Vegan Option (VO) and Onion+Garlic Free Option (OFO) are available.


109 Rowell Road Singapore 208033

Opening Hours: Tue - Thur 5pm - 10pm; Fri 3pm - 11.30pm; Sat 12pm - 11pm

Tel: 6396 7980